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Log activity without completing task

It would be very convenient to be able to log activities under a contact which you have a task scheduled for without having to complete the task at the same time.  This would allow ease of updating / moving tasks without having to create a new task every time you want to log an activity.  Significant time saver.  Thanks.

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Currently when working through a task queue, when you log an email the only option is to "Log email and complete task". I have found that in most cases, I want to log an email but not complete the task so a really helpful button to add would be simply "log email" and keep the "log email and complete task" next to it.


Currently if I log an email I then need to go to the task list and uncomplete the task HS has automatically completed for me which is a pain and may be missed from time to time.


Email Log Task Queue.JPG


Often when I'm working through my task queue, I'll call a prospect and not be able to reach them.  In this scenario, I'd like to bump my task due date forward to try again the next day (or a few days later if I've left a voicemail).


I do NOT want to have to create a new task every time, because then the account activity is cluttered with completed tasks that really didn't advance anything forward.  

I've noticed that as of today, the new Task Queue feature allows you to click a button in the top banner to "Reschedule", however the Call window still only has the option to "Save Call and Complete Task".  If I try to reschedule the task before saving, it will adjust the date, but it'll still mark the task as complete (which means I have to go and uncheck it to mark it as open again).  

Please update the call button to just "Save Call" - or add a second button to "Save Call and Reschedule Task".

new task queue bar.jpgsame old save and complete task option.PNG





Hey guys,
in our case the option to use task queues needs a little improvement.
At the moment it is possible to skip tasks after starting a queue. But if you want to save a note (e.g. absence or availibilty of your lead) or if you want to document an unsuccessful call via "log a call", you are forced to complete the task (even if it is not completed).

A second option would be really useful here. If you could add a second button "log a call & skip task" or "save note & skip task" the problem would be solved.
At the moment there is the only option to stop your queue, save your note,  go back to your task dashboard and start the queue again you are looking for.

log a call with no answerlog a call with no answer


I fully second the comments above. The current (new) behaviour has been a source of major inefficiency. Now, if the required workaround described above is forgotten, we risk loosing leads and thus deals.


I definitely agree! If a task is to connect with a new client, I don't want to complete the task if I only left a voicemail. I hate having to constantly create new tasks when I didn't complete the first one

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Hi team, upvoting this on behalf of a customer! Task queues are great for going over call tasks, but as what other users on this thread have shared, it would make users' lives easier if there's on option to "Log call" without marking the task as complete for calls that didn't get through. This will help log call attempts, yet allow tasks to be left "open" to be picked up on later.


Would be cool if the modal is smart enough to display the "Log call & complete task" if call had Connected, but offered  both "Log call" and "Log call & complete task" option if the call outcome was anything else.


I agree with all of this. Just because I made a call or sent an email doesn't mean the task is complete. Having to uncheck and reschedule each task is a big time waster for me on a daily basis. 


Still waiting for this to be fixed...


Hello, At Capstone we use the HubSpot dialing feature.  We make calls on the go, from different states/#'s and it is a very useful feature.  However, when you do not "save a call and complete a task", the phone system will no longer recognize the phone number that you are trying to call from.  Also, when creating a new note, it will also require you to "complete your task" upon saving.  In this Agency, we work off of the same task and do not create new tasks. These are 2 functions we would like to move on from.  We would like to be able to "Save a Call" and "Save A Note" without having to touch our task.  It causes more steps then needed.  Please advise on how we can resolove this so we can use Hubspot to our best capabilities and not have to use work arounds, which allows us to work less efficiently. 


This would be a great feature! As I'm working thru my call queue, I can't save my activity of leaving a voicemail without marking the task complete.  I have to either create a new task or look for the task in the timeline and uncheck it, then reschedule


Save activity and continue (w/o marking complete) would be a huge time saver


It would be really nice indeed. 

Maybe having 2 buttons would work : "log and complete" and "save and skip"

like this ? 




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"Would be cool if the modal is smart enough to display the "Log call & complete task" if call had Connected, but offered  both "Log call" and "Log call & complete task" option if the call outcome was anything else."


No.  Don't force the user to complete the task, period.  Don't force them based on parameters, at all.  

The fact that these are tied together in this way is a design flaw.  This idea is just making a design flaw slightly better, but still adhering to the underlying problem of requiring users to do something they don't want to without any real benefit or reason.


"Maybe having 2 buttons would work : "log and complete" and "save and skip"

like this ? "


That easy, offer both buttons regards.  Problem solved; design flaw solved.



It would also be great if you could connect the eMails from the Activitiy Feed to a certain task.


Definitely a fix I'd love to see. Much more convenient than having to navigate to the contact's record every time you want to leave a note. 

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Hi HubSpot community - it is now possible to log calls or send emails without completing tasks while running a task queue!




Thanks for the feedback here and let us know if there is any other questions/feedback. 


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This is a great fix. Can the same be done for creating notes as well? Currently creating a note within the task queue forces you to complete the task.




This is a great fix but it needs to be done for the notes as well, please.


Definitely need for notes too, please. 


Hi Hubspot Community,

We really need to be able to Add notes to a lead without having to complete the task.

It's the same change that was made for the Activities (very welcomed, thank you) but for the notes.

We should be able to add notes and choose if we want to close the task or not, not close the task by default. Something like this, but for the notes:



Many of us asked for it on
@sjudson you are summoned.

I'm certain this change would save a lot of time to many organisations.

Thank you.


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Indeed very much needed.

Otherwise it's a mess, uncompleting the task, then re-scheduling...

It breaks the expected smooth flow.