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Log SMS texts sent to contacts in the CRM

When hitting the text message icon on the HubSpot Ap, it takes you to your texting screen on your phone, which is great. I think it would be very valuable to automatically log that text into the CRM if you hit that icon button on your contact's page. Right now it is set that you have to copy and paste that text back on the page. 

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December 20, 2022 12:32 AM


👋 You can now manually log SMS texts sent to contacts in the HubSpot mobile app. 


How does it work?



To log one of the new activity types:

  1. Navigate to any CRM record.
  2. Tap on "Log Activity".
  3. Choose which activity you would like to log
  4. Enter details like who was contacted, when the communication happened, and what was sent.
  5. Tap "Save".

The logged activity will now appear on the associated record timelines.

This feature requires version 3.7.1 or above on Android or version 4.5.0 or above on iOS.

Being Reviewed
March 24, 2020 10:48 AM

Hey all - wanted to give a small update on this.

Thank you all for all the great feedback so far - this is invaluable. We are exploring how we can bring this to the whole HubSpot platform (desktop and Mobile) as well as send and short-form messages (think SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc).


We have a few ideas up our sleeves, but would love to learn how you all are curently solving for this right now?

We're listening 👂🏽

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Two parts:

1) It would be great if one of the "Log Activity" could contain "Log a text message"


2) It would be even better if we could send text messages straight from the CRM.

- More often than not, text messages have been the preferred choice for clients/prospects. Not mass texts as there are already companies for that, but individual text messages for follow up etc.

For now, I just list it as a "Call", but really I'd like to log the text message and send from the CRM.

- Doesn't have to be "from" my number, as what happens when I call.


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 10.07.31 AM.png




It would be great if Hubspot identified a lead's phone type.  This is one site that does this -   If it is a cell phone, a sales person can have the choice to text the lead.  An option to text within Hubspot would be amazing!


We communicate with a lot of our prospects via text and have found it to be a very effective way to get a hold of people, especially on the first touch to set up a time for a call. People don't listen to voicemail anymore and most people are overwhelmed by email. Since it is a form of communication that works for us, we'd like it integrated into the UI so we can use it from the CRM, have the conversations added to the timeline, and eventually report on it.  


I see that people have inquired about this in the past in one form or another, but no response from Hubspot (that I can see) but does Hubspot plan on integrating SMS into their contact structure?  Would love to be able to set up templates and sequences for texting the same way it's done for e-mails.  

HubSpot Employee

Hi @TkGSF No plans that I know of at this time.  Can you add this as a post to our ideas forum and provide a bit more context and maybe a sample use case? 


Thank you,



We work extensively within Africa and South America where most of the population relies on SMS as a primary communication tool. Opting to access email etc as a secondary method of communication when and where internet is available. 


I would like to suggest an option to SMS contacts and have their replies stored in the CRM. 

Not through an automation, but as a direct communication tool like email or calls. 

In fact, it could just be a call option.  Call or SMS. 


I see massive value in facilitating communication in these regions and all over the world. It would make HubSpot really powerful. 


I have seen suggestions based on workflows and automation, however, SMS communication in bulk should be avoided in my opinion. This would primarily be a communication tool rather than marketing. 



With more options for reaching out, more options for logging would be great.  Including Log a text message, or log an InMail.


Hey Guys, 


    I ran into this thread when I was working on integrating my app RoloCRM. The app looks like the stock dialer/SMS/contacts on Android but updates and retrieves information from CRM on the fly.  


    You can actually SMS clients and have the SMSes automatically logged into the CRM. Client responses will get logged as well. You can schedule SMSs as well.  


    The app draws a clear line between personal and CRM contacts and does all your logging only for contacts you have in the CRM. 


   The HubSpot integration is NOT YET ready. But would any of you be interesting in trying it out when it is ready? I expect it to be in a few weeks. 


   The screenshots on Google Play should give you a pretty good idea if this will be a good fit.


Yes, would love to try it out.


I would also love to try out the integration.  I've been copy pasting all my texts as calls.  Automatic recording into the CRM would be be amazing.



With all due respect, there are already more than a few use cases posted for adding SMS capabilities to HubSpot, just pick any and ... let us know your plans and ETA.

I would start first by adding the activity type itself, SMS, in the list and continue with adding a log for all SMS inbound or outbound events run through the mobile app.

Thank you.

HubSpot Employee

I agree, this is a great idea! It would be great if we could track and log these text/SMS messages in the same way we track and log emails. It can certainly be a pain to have to copy and paste those messages into a note every single time a correspondence is sent, especially if you are using a smaller phone and are trying to navigate the app while creating and editing notes manually.


It would be very useful indeed to have a way to log SMS`s sent to customers. We lost track of those conversations in time or need to copy paste the sms as an email to the customer. Or if we would have a way to add an attribute to the activity type that would also work.


Any chance when a text is sent via the Hubspot app that it can appear on the contacts time line please?  Or even better allow us to send SMS texts directly from the contacts page?


Hello Folks,


   Don't mean to hijack this thread. I just want to follow up to say that the app Rolo CRM works with Hubspot now.


   What does it do?


  1.    Automatically logs client calls and SMS to Hubspot (only client interactions get logged)
  2.    Gives easy access to CRM info duing calls through a chat head. 


   Actually it does a lot more. Please check out the app at


    It works only with Android (cannot be done on iOS due to technical limitations). 



I second this!


Lots of our chats with a contact today happen via sms and WhatsApp


Woukd be ideal to have these automatically logged as an activity


However until that tech is ready, even an activity type for text message would be great 


@ATitheridge I dont think you will see a direct integration with Whatsapp anytime soon. Whatsapp does not give out an API. 


There are apps that help with SMS integration (including mine that I mentioned above). 


@srinath how does your app integrate with HubSpot?

Does the SMS get logged as a note? Or could you tell me (or link for me) about how it shows up in HubSpot?


@ATitheridge - SMS message gets logged in the call module as an SMSSnippet. The RoloCRM app decodes all entries and presents them to the user. Here is a sample screenshot of what it would look like on hubspot. The second screenshot ofcourse is what it looks like on RoloCRM. Hope that helpshubspot_rolocrm.png