Log SMS texts sent to contacts in the CRM


When hitting the text message icon on the HubSpot Ap, it takes you to your texting screen on your phone, which is great. I think it would be very valuable to automatically log that text into the CRM if you hit that icon button on your contact's page. Right now it is set that you have to copy and paste that text back on the page. 

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At least having a way to "Log a Text" manually, same as we're able to do with calls, emails and meetings would help to better organize contacts by text.


Please integrate the ability to send & receive (as well as log) text (sms) messages as well as socials like whatapp, fb messenger ect from within the HubSpot platform for desktop & mobile.


I can't believe this feature isn't available yet.... This thread goes back to 2017? 

Yes, if anyone at HS is listening, my company needs the ability to:


MVP: manually log a TXT Message

Perfect Word: integrated with iOS so that TXTs originated from HS contacts would (1) log the activity and (2) record on-going chat flow with customer, even if from different sources, as one long date/time conversational tab.  Then the ability to tie "keywords" (hiighlighted) for Contacts, Companies, Deals based on Customer status - would be great, like Gong does. 



I know a lot of Hubspot competitors (Follow-up Boss, Salesforce, etc.) have the ability to record a text message and also to text directly from the App via phone or desktop. Where is this at in development?


I'm curious if anything has been done about this yet?


In my ideal world, Hubspot would log calls that I make directly from my phone (it already knows which contacts I'm calling anyway). Having this functionality for texting would be incredible - oftentimes I just don't log the text messages because it's too tedious and then I lose important information.


Sending texts through Hubspot from my personal phone number (not the Hubspot phone number) would be ideal. If this was possible to do through sequences as well, it would be a dramatic increase in productivity for my team.


I'm hoping to see something done about this because texting is the absolute best way to reach customers. I feel like I'm stuck in the stone age by sending emails that end up at the bottom of my clients' inbox. 




I agree especially with VOIP providers.  The API should integrate this function as it does for the phone call function.  Simply add another tab near the Log function.


Update I received from a rep at RoloCRM today said they will be removing their app from the hubspot marketplace soon (no actual date given). Otherwise it works great to automatically sync the recipients texts to hubspot only. Also to note its only available on android and will remain that way. 


Good idea.   It would also be good to be able to use Dialpad's texting function by clicking on a Text button in a Hubspot contact and then have that text logged in the hubspot activity list.


Simplii's Fusion product logs SMS as an activity, plus Whatsapp and calling. 

Mass texting, keyword response automation and workflow integration also available.







@vishnu any updates/progress on this?


Same as Brad Poirier :

We use at Omnimed the French version and here is an example for point #1

It would be great if one of the "Log Activity" could contain "Log a text message" Please see the screenshot included

Consigner un SMS __.png


2) It would be even better if we could send text messages straight from the CRM.

- More often than not, text messages have been the preferred choice for clients/prospects. Not mass texts as there are already companies for that, but individual text messages for follow up etc.

For now, I just list it as a "Call", but really I'd like to log the text message and send from the CRM.

- Doesn't have to be "from" my number, as what happens when I call.


Thanks in advance !


It shows that Hubspot was reviewing this request in March 2020 but I can't seem to find out what is the current status.  We really need this feature more than ever.  Can someone at Hubspot provide an update?  At a minimum, we need an activity type for "text messages".  Ideal state is a way to send and receive them right from the crm itself, not copy and paste images of the texts from our phone.  There are third party options so there must be a way to do this if they offer them.  To me this is a critical piece that Hubspot should provide not force us to pay a 3rd party for the solution


Can we please get an update on when this plans to be rolled you? Last update by hubspot was over a year ago. A full integration where you can text from hubspot would be great but at minimum please add the log button option for text messages asap.


I'm new to Hubspot and right away need to log text. Seems like a no-brainer...  I'm not even going to ask for logging Social Media conversations etc... 

Simple Nimble CRM had all the integrated. Disappointing. 

HubSpot Employee

As a customer support specialist for HubSpot, it would be very beneficial to have this feature. I have customers who ask about it every feek weeks. A more recent update would also be appreciated. Thank you! 🙂


@vishnu Can you please provide us with an update regarding adding SMS support into HubSpot? Thanks so much.


We just need to log text messages sent WITHOUT HAVING TO BUY OR INSTALL AN ADD-IN. Come on HubSpot, let's go! It's the 21st century!