Log SMS texts sent to contacts in the CRM


When hitting the text message icon on the HubSpot Ap, it takes you to your texting screen on your phone, which is great. I think it would be very valuable to automatically log that text into the CRM if you hit that icon button on your contact's page. Right now it is set that you have to copy and paste that text back on the page. 

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Simplii's texting suite is included with their voip services. They can also tie into workflows. Send out a marketing text and Unenroll on an incoming message and enroll in the new workflow. Check us out on the app store. Happy to answer any questions you might have. Thanks! Troy


Thank you for trying to help but this is basic to any other crm. I'm not interested in paying for your system. I don't want to pay monthly extra just to log a text.

For future enhancements, as communicating with contacts via text is becoming more common, it would be helpful to be able to log a "text" message and for the Call outcome have an option of "Left text" or "Texted".

Hey. I'm a software developer and was looking to see if there was an integration that I could create to address this need.
Some questions that I have are:

Is your phone an android or apple phone?

What is the primary device that you all use when sending these SMS messages; your phone or laptop/desktop?

Is SMS via Google Voice a part of any of your workflows?



Ideal usage for us would be:


  1. Send the text directly from within HubSpot (either manually or via a WorkFlow)
  2. Have the text show up on the contact record as an activity or similar

  3. Bonus functionality would be the ability to send the text via external phone app also

Today we send the text using standard phone SMS app - and log it as a note on the contact record.


@ATitheridge, when you say "phone SMS app", are you sending the messages directly from your phone, or are you using a browser-based web app as describe below?

For ex:
If your device is an android phone, google offers the https://messages.google.com/ web app that you could use to send SMS messages after it connects to your android device

If you were using a similar web app, such as that, or Google Voice (if you had a google voice number), syncing your conversation could be possible. But if you're using your phone or wanting to send the SMS via HubSpot that problem becomes a bit harder to solve.

In terms of priority, what are your thoughts on flipping #1 and #3 from your post?


@sinyang sending via HubSpot (especially via workflow) and recording this information on the contact record would be preferred.


Any updates to this very relevant request from 3 years ago? 

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

Hey all - wanted to give a small update on this.

Thank you all for all the great feedback so far - this is invaluable. We are exploring how we can bring this to the whole HubSpot platform (desktop and Mobile) as well as send and short-form messages (think SMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, etc).


We have a few ideas up our sleeves, but would love to learn how you all are curently solving for this right now?

We're listening 👂🏽


Hi! Our team would really love the ability to "Log a text." Similar to the ability to "Log a call." We could choose the text type, etc. Kixie currently logs the texts as tasks, but that's a little deceptive. 


Following this. We would also find this useful. 


@vishnu We're currently instructing our employees to log SMS/WhatsApp/etc. messages as emails, and to paste in the content of their conversation when they log the "email". Obviously that's not ideal, so at minimum it would be fantastic to have text messages split into their own category (as opposed to calls, emails, and meetings which can already be logged separately).


A secondary goal would be to have the ability to send texts directly from within HubSpot (desktop and iOS app).


A third goal would be for all of this to be available with just a Sales Starter subscription, but that's probably getting a little too crazy!


I agree with the others - just being able to log a text as its own category would be really helpful. Expanded functionality can come later (ideally capturing from phone texts directly, I could move to a Hubspot-created texting app on Android if I had to). 


Even if it just started as an option in types of call logs, it would be a great help to the texts I already send clients.  Looking forward to where this is headed.  I think focusing on SMS is a priority over other apps.


I had to cover that SMS communication channel quickly as well. 

Current situation:

We send SMS directly from our Android phone (we have sim card with monthly plan including unlimited messaging plan). 

We use the same phone to answer calls.

To be able to send and receive SMS without being present by the phone we use www.mysms.com which we have found most reliable and cheap. The have responsive web interface that allows us to receive and send messages remotely.

Integration with Hubspot:

After few days of researches I chose to install https://mightytext.net/ that is not that reliable BUT integrates with gmail, so all received and send messages are synchronised as emails and that mean it automatically appears in hubspot. 

The only disadvantage is, that clients have to have second email in their profile xxxxxxxxxxxx@mail.mightytext.net where x's stands for mobile phone number including country code.  From the moment when the client has that second email, logging works well. Email subject is: [MightyText] Text Message - Name Surname

It is not ideal, but works OK. 


What I would love to see integrated in Hubspot:

Since the hubspot mobile app is installed in the phone, SMS may be easily transfered from phone to hubspot, as well as sent from phone via hubspot.  The crucial is that SMS in the phone is used for communication! It saves a lot of money rather that paying cloud SMS services. 

In the hubspot it should be separate TAB for messaging. The way of how it operates might be completely the same principle as current email solution. 

Then adding any other messaging app (Whatsapp, Viber, ...) would be the same template. Messaging TAB could have all those together with different type of message and proper icon, that would be set in settings. 




Hi Everyone, 

 There is a reason why HubSpot can take time in worrying less about this. If I may, I'd like to introduce to you https://aloware.com/

Yes, a premier partner of HubSpot, probably the most seamless integration you can ever imagine. Now while I am not trying to boast, however, our two-way sync instantly keeps all records and activities up-to-date. Every call, text, or activity you do automatically logs into HubSpot’s database where you can tag leads according to call dispositions, use them for workflow automation, or send text campaigns from a single device.

No harm in checking us out, https://aloware.com/integrations/hubspot, as they say, to see is to believe. 

If I can be of any help, please let me know. 

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Love this idea too!  Many conversations are happening on tools like Viber and WhatsApp as well.  Would be great to be able to log text/sms activities.  Sales teams often talk to prospects via these modes.


Using JustCall to solve this for now. I would love this feature to be native.


Being able to text from a HubSpot contact record or workflow and then have the converstaion logged on the contact record, just as youcan emails, would be so incredibly helpful! We are in need of this service and are currently looking at other company apps such as Message IQ and Kixie to help with this pain point. But, it would be amazing if it was a HubSpot feature and it was all in one place.


I see lots of suggestions on this thread going back years.  I imagine some of the ideas are harder and others easier.


Can Hubspot please start with the easiest and low-hanging fruit on this idea now?  


Right now, the drop down menu for logging contact includes meeting, email and phone call.  Can we just add a 4th, which is SMS Message?  


That shouldn't be hard to do.


From there, there are lots of great ideas on this thread such as 

  • automatically logging SMS texts from the Hubspot app
  • adding WhatsApp