Log SMS texts sent to contacts in the CRM

When hitting the text message icon on the HubSpot Ap, it takes you to your texting screen on your phone, which is great. I think it would be very valuable to automatically log that text into the CRM if you hit that icon button on your contact's page. Right now it is set that you have to copy and paste that text back on the page. 

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@srinath Does your app work on iOs as well?

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@barberja. No it does not. It is not easy for an app to get access to call and SMS on iOS. We are trying a workaround but I dont expect it to happen anytime soon.

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YES! I am a small school with just over 1,000 contacts in my database. I am using HubSpot for recruiting, and another company for texting. This requires me to export the names where people have signed up via my short code there (where you text to sign up for more information) or a form on our website (prior to starting with HubSpot) and then import into HubSpot to e-mail them, but then do the whole thing in reverse to text the people that have signe up in HubSp[ot. Last spring I got hte names of your partners with plug ins for texting, but they did not offer low volume texting and it was like triple and quadruple the cost I am paying now...so the pain is worth the savings for now...but I would sure love to be able to have it integrated altogether at a reasonable price.


Hi there, Working for Textlocal I am here to share ideas on how to achieve integration. There is the Zapier way that involves spending on integration and then there is 'email to SMS'. There may be something needed locally to achieve this but this is how it works and see how it could fit your operation. 

If you entered the following, (made up number) 07740033445) this is a UK mobile number and added a domain so it looks like this 07740033445@txtlocal.co.uk and added it into an email field then it will pass through our platform and present itself on the users phone. To get the detail into the field you just need to use excel or similar to join the mobile number and the domain together. If you want to try it out for free then please get in touch or reply here. We do low volumes, spend from as little as £5 to get going. 


Hi, as a text message provider, Textlocal, could you use an email field and then use the 'email to SMS' function that we offer? Let me know if I can help you with this. Stuart

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Contact cards - logging activity - enables us to record Email, Meetings, and various types of Calls.

Can we add a field for recording Text / SMS Messages?

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My company would love to be able to capture and log text/sms messages into an individual in the CRM.  Great idea correct!

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@LauraC, You could try the app called RoloCRM  on the Google Play Store. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.netmine.rolo.crm&hl=en_IN). It connects to Hubspot and automatically logs client calls and SMSes. 


Please try the app and let us know your feedback. There is in-app help chat if you need any assistance. Let us know if you would like a demo. 


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The way people communicate in the business world has expanded and evolved. 

More importantly, the need to identify and track success is just as important.

We NEED the ability to track text messages (as well as LinkedIn...or other)

For a modern CRM, seems odd that neither are an option. 

Add: LinkedIn / Text-SMS / Social 

and/or just allow editing. There are countless others...met at a trade show, chat, etc..

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Simplii's SMS and phone integration logs all activity. This is one of the many features. Click to SMS or call a number from your email, a website, Hubspot etc... It will attach a copy to the contact with that phone number. It is a full business phone solution with integration to Hubspot. Let me know if you would like to see it and connect with me on Linkedin. Troy Kump

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I am looking for a solution for SMS, we communicate a lot with potential customes via text and I need to be notified within Hubspot when a contact reaches out via text.  Do you provide that kind of integration? 

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The ability to automatically log text messages would be super helpful to us, as well.

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RoloCRM is an android app that automatically logs customer calls and SMS messages to hubspot under your contacts.


RoloCRM (https://rolocrm.in) may work here.




You can get the app from Google Play


@FYXME_Jeff  - This may work for if you setup hubspot to notify you when there a new activity for a contact.


RoloCRM automatically logs customer calls and SMS messages into hubspot. SMS message gets logged in the call module as an SMSSnippet. Here is a sample screenshot of what it would look like on hubspot


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Fantastic idea.  It is 2019 and more customers communicate via SMS with me every day than any other communication method.  Having to put them in any of the other dropdowns is confusing.  Log an email, Log a call, and Log a meeting is pretty specific.  Log a Text seems like a logical addition.

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How about just being able to Log a text message like we have the option to log a call? That seems very easy to impliment. Please add it! I want to be able to report on it also so I don't look like I'm not working when I actually am.

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We can log the text messages to Hubspot and provide reports. We give text free with our integration. We're on te app store under Fusion, happy to show it to you if you like.


We rely heavily on sms to send and reviec information from customers on the daily. it would be extremely useful to have an integration or an adition made to the UI that allows easy Text and MMS logging through hubspot. 


Alot of our customers either don't use their emails or don't have them, and the rely on sms to communicate outside of calls. 


As a business we ask our customers to send photo so of problems they are having with machines, or of machines that they are wishing to sell, or trade in on newer products. at the moment its a bit of a case of double and tripple handling this information to get it into hubspot. Currently our process involves the customer sending photos to a dedicated mobile phone which we then access using google messages for chrome browser, and then we have to drag and drop the images onto the desktop and then add them to hubspot attachments for an associated deal. It just seems like alot of manual handling that could  be automated into the hubspot interface somehow.


A solution to this problem would be amazing, life changing even! 


Please consider adding this as an option! We have more and more customers who prefer text communications every year and would love to manage this the same way we manage calls and emails.

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Update on a solution:

We have licensed Salesmsg.com, which is  text platform integrated with HubSpot. All the text messages are logged in the activity and we can send and recieve imagegs and videos which is essential for our business.  


Additionally, we use a shared Inbox for the texting so if any customer contacts us, any Hubspot user can not only see the text but respond from the same number so to the customer it appears they are always talking to the same person. 

You can also set up automations and workflows to text customers based on certain triggers, something we played with but have not totally rolled out. 


SalesMSG is really reasonably price and takes seconds for the API to integrate, definently worth a try. 

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If this feature is not added soon, it'll make me move to another CRM very soon.. it's that important. Such a basic feature and a non-negotiable for my real estate business.