Log 'Linkedin Inmail' and 'Linkedin Connect Requests' in the contact activity feed

Hi all!


For those of us using Linkedin's Sales Navigator integration for Hubspot...


We would like to be able to see 'Linkedin Inmails' and 'Linkedin Connect Requests' in the contact activity feed in Hubspot. 


We can currently initiate Inmails and connect requests from within hubspot (which is awesome) but nothing is logged on the account once sent.


Let's get this added! 


Outreach.io currently offers this feature...


Hubspot Linkedin Integration.png

HubSpot updates
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This is (one of) the frustrating things that we're stuck with until HubSpot updates the application. After speaking to LinkedIn, it's completely possible to log inMail messages, download data from LinkedIn profiles, etc. via SNAP; HubSpot just has to do it. I suspect nearly every sales team uses Sales Navigator to prospect -- would be nice to finish a full integration, not leave it half way done.

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I too would wish to have this feature.

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I have a silly question. How do I upvote this feature. I do not see anywhere. Is this a permission issue? Thanks, Tim Pezarro

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Please ignore the silly question. I figured it out...