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Log Linkedin Inmail and Connect Requests on Contact record

Hi all!


For those of us using Linkedin's Sales Navigator integration for Hubspot...


We would like to be able to see 'Linkedin Inmails' and 'Linkedin Connect Requests' in the contact activity feed in Hubspot. 


We can currently initiate Inmails and connect requests from within hubspot (which is awesome) but nothing is logged on the account once sent.


Let's get this added! currently offers this feature...


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Without this function, integration is uninteresting for us


As the leader for a sales leader, I am looking to track and reward all types of outbound activity.  In our current environment, we are able to connect more often via InMail and LinkedIn commenting than via clogged email inboxes.  Please add this feature ASAP!


This feature would be really really useful. Would save manually entering that we've made outreach via LinkedIn. Please make this a feature!! 🙌

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+1 for this functionality!! LinkedIn is the L A R G E S T network of online professionals. and those of us that know it...are searching for and engaging with our ideal customers there.

the integration is rad, and some level of reporting can be done if one is willing to setup sales sequences and build custom reports. but HubSpot is kinda known for being that 'out-of-the-box' solution.

would be really grateful (and so would my clients lolz) if we could report on LinkedIn Sales Navigator activites in a more intuitive/easier way.

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Hello! Thank you all for adding your use cases. My team and I are working on some updates to start to solve some of these challenges!


We're all set for research participants for now. Thank you to everyone who reached out!


My team and I are seeking some feedback on some ideas we have been working through. If you would be open to a quick feedback session, please send me a direct message and we can schedule some time to discuss further. Thank you in advance!

Sounds good Kevin, how do I send you a DM?
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Hi everyone! Thank you all again for sharing your use cases with us and a special thank you to those who took the time to meet with us during our research.


Today we launched a Public Beta allowing you to manually log when a LinkedIn message has be sent on your CRM records. This functionality also incliudes the ability to log when an SMS, WhatsApp message, or postal mail item has been sent.


If you are interested in opting your portal into this new functionality, you can find more information and opt-in via the steps outlined in this documentation. We also recently launched the ability to configure which activity buttons appear on your records in the CRM to help give you easier access to these new activity options. That configuration is live to all portals now.


There will be an in-app survey that will fire after logging 5 new activities for you to share your feedback on this new functionality.


I am going to move the status of this post to "Not Currently Planned" as I know the subject of the post is about auto-logging when an InMail or connection request is sent. While I do not work with the LinkedIn integration directly, I wanted to be sure to share this new functionality with you all as a step towards more easily tracking your LinkedIn outreach in HubSpot CRM.


I would also love the feature for it to auto-log


I would really like this idea. But not just with inMail but also with normal LinkedIn messages. There is an important difference!


Yes we couldn't agree more. LI is growing in relevance in our demand gen and we have a big blind spot on activity when it comes to the LI/HS integration. This would be very helpful. 


It is a bit useless having now the possibility to MANUALLY log the LinkedIn Inmails, who is going to do something like that? We need to have the possibility to have them auto-logged.


Hi everyone, I commented on this thread a few weeks ago. Since then, I did find a cheap outside solution that has been working well for our team:

the only thing is that it auto logs the messages as notes vs. as a linkedin activity, but aside from that it syncs with our contacts, auto logs all the messages, and it also allows you to add an unlimited amount of people from your org.



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Any updates here on if and when automated logging will be made available? Other CRMs are offering this functionality already! 


+1 for this functionality - it is a HUGE activity log/ reporting gap that this does not exist.


Any update on this Hubspot team?

I must say that the speed of response, but moreso the speed of picking up and developing new highly demanded features is very slow. 

We are new to this community, now having onboarded 40 users. We really lack some basic (read expected) features, of which full integration with LinkedIn is one important one.

Other missing features are Cloning deals, reporting and workflows on line items.

We now have had to buy additional subscription to bypass these flaws. 

Happy to be more involved in your development agenda.


It's 2023 - would still love to see this as a priority with over 200 votes!

And this is just one example of some intuitive/logic features that must be introduced shortly.
Like the line-item currency issue that is causing issues here (Net prices are not changed to company currency.
And many other property=features that are not included in the line-item section.

Come on Hubspot team: live up to your expectations!

Please Please get this done as that is what about 20% of my activities are that I don't get any credit for.


A must-have indeed!

It is today impossible to precisely count the number of touch-points a sales rep does with a company or a contact, which is a shame...