Log Linkedin Inmail and Connect Requests on Contact record

Hi all!


For those of us using Linkedin's Sales Navigator integration for Hubspot...


We would like to be able to see 'Linkedin Inmails' and 'Linkedin Connect Requests' in the contact activity feed in Hubspot. 


We can currently initiate Inmails and connect requests from within hubspot (which is awesome) but nothing is logged on the account once sent.


Let's get this added! 


Outreach.io currently offers this feature...


Hubspot Linkedin Integration.png

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This is absolutely important to apply to hubspot. At time of COVID19, people are working more and more from home and are reached in different ways and have way more time to check social media, Linkedin....etc. Also, this affects our productivity as sales reps since we can't track or report. 

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We absolutely need this reporting. The contact record doesn't give a complete picture of the rep-client relationship, otherwise. And, since InMail is part of our campaigns/sequences, I need to be able to report to leadership.