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Log Linkedin Inmail and Connect Requests on Contact record

Hi all!


For those of us using Linkedin's Sales Navigator integration for Hubspot...


We would like to be able to see 'Linkedin Inmails' and 'Linkedin Connect Requests' in the contact activity feed in Hubspot. 


We can currently initiate Inmails and connect requests from within hubspot (which is awesome) but nothing is logged on the account once sent.


Let's get this added! currently offers this feature...


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This is (one of) the frustrating things that we're stuck with until HubSpot updates the application. After speaking to LinkedIn, it's completely possible to log inMail messages, download data from LinkedIn profiles, etc. via SNAP; HubSpot just has to do it. I suspect nearly every sales team uses Sales Navigator to prospect -- would be nice to finish a full integration, not leave it half way done.


I too would wish to have this feature.


I have a silly question. How do I upvote this feature. I do not see anywhere. Is this a permission issue? Thanks, Tim Pezarro


Please ignore the silly question. I figured it out... 


I would love to be able to track and report on LinkedIn Inmails through the Navigator integration. 


This is super critical for us and I think this should be a standard feature from Hubspot when it looks at integrations with external outreach/ outbound tools.


You can send messages via LinkedIn through the HubSpot integration at the contact level.  It would be nice if those messages would be automatically captured in the activity history for reference as well.  Today, I have to copy/paste the message in notes if I want to keep that history.


I am testing the LinkedIn Sales Navigator for Teams + Hubspot.  I actually upgraded to LinkedIn teams to activate the integration.  The main reason was to send and track LinkedIn messages by sales rep and to attribute the activity to revenue.


We currently track sales productivity by # or emails, outbound calls, and meetings.  We have no insight or reporting on messages and in mails in linked.  This would be very helpful in the sales process.  My ask:

  • Hubspot notifications when a Hubspot contact sends or replies to a LinkedIn message.
  • LinkedIn messaging and in-mail tracked by sends, opens and replies by individual rep, by team, and by company.

100% agree! 

To add to this, it would be great if we could also create a custom interaction method. It's not always going to be email, call, or even LI. 


Linkedin Sales Navigator activity recorded on Hubspot timeline. This will enable sale organisations to manage their teams and understand how much activity the teams are doing in Linkedin Sales Navigator vs outside it and create meaningful dashboards for the same.  


We also would love to have this as a completed piece of the Hubspot/LI integration!


There is a new feature in Sales Navi, currently only available in Salesforce and Microsoft dynamics, which allows users to save InMails into the CRM.


This is quite a useful Integration, will this be available in HubSpot in the near future? 

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100 percent agreed! We often send messages to contacts via LinkedIn and its not easy to track all the activities. For this we usually take notes. It would really, really help, if it would be possible to synch the Sales Navigator messages directly (i.e. as a note) to the CRM.


What do you log them as?


I vote for this integration as well! We must have the Linkedin Inmail and Connection requests synced in the Activity Feed, plus we need to be able to report on those activities. Is that planned to be implemented still this year?

A report on Linkedin activities is available in SalesLoft, why not in Hubspot Sales Pro? We must have analytics on each step of the sequence.


It is honestly incredible that this is NOT available...


As we move away from Phone Calls, I believe a more robust / customizable logging solution should be implemented in order for us to track Social Media Platform interactions.

This can be phased in with a simple drop down or a field to log InMail to start. I don't think this is a heavy lift being that I work with a Software Development company that often builds highly customizable applications.


Yeah we really need to see this added. We're losing the 360 view of sales interactions that are so important. It means that inmails and connections that our sales people make either have to be manually added or are missed. Thus losing an important touch point with that prospect. Hubspot please can you update us on the status of this request? 


This is a very big deal for our company.  It appears that SalesForce and a Microsoft offer this type of integration.  I hope this gets addressed.  It seems like a simple fix. 


If we can rally the community to really push for this feature add or atleast implement this in phases this would be a great win. Any thoughts on how we can do this?

Side note: Being that we are blind to the SDLC for "New Features" at Hubspot, this ask may seem simpler than expected.  If their codebase for their software is modular I don't see this being very complicated to implement in a 2 week sprint.