Locking Key Deal Fields

It would be handy to be able to lock down certain fields once the deal passed a certain stage OR a user had to seek a supervisor's permission to amend the contract details. The work we undertake is subject to audit and if a file is amended post settlement without authorisation this could present a problem. Not necessarry to lock all fields, just those critical to file audit

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This doesn't really answer that was asked.  I also want to lock down permissions once the deal is closed, for the reasons articulated here and I'd add another use case to the list.  With multiple currencies, which fluctuate over time of course, I want the deal that I closed in July at $12,500 in Canadian dollars to show up as USD $10,000, based on teh exchange rate of $1.25 at the end of July.  When the exchange moves to $1.3, I don't want the deal valule to change.  That distorts my reporting for the year.  Is this possible?

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Hi @TedMercer@Lionheart-Paul this specific functionality is not possible currently. I'm going to merge this thread with an existing feature request. I encourage you both to vote and get as many of your peers to vote and comment with their own use case and context.


Thank you!

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I agree with the need to lock down properties. I am very keen for an option that would lock deals once they have been moved to the "Closed Won" stage. I produce a monthly report on closed deals and have just done a yearly report that doesn't coincide. Clearly the amount of a closed deal was changed after I had generated the report and there is no way of telling easily which deal or why.


Normal users should have to request admin approval to edit deals that are closed.