Lock/restrict the ability to edit lists and/or workflows

We have developed an automated scoring and lifecycle progression process, it is reliant on lists and workflows. All it takes is for someone to remove/add or edit in any way, one of the key lists and suddenly the whole process is thrown off course. Contacts are wrongly enrolled, staff are wrongly notified, GDPR issues arise because legitimate interest has not actually been evidenced.


It's a high-risk set-up. I think, having the ability to lock certain lists and workflows (because they are crucial to the process/automation of an entire team) is essential.


This could be that they are only editable by a superuser or they are only editable by the individual that built them, but a super-user can override? Either way, we need this urgently. A marketing apprentice could mess up our entire operation by accident and we have no way of rolling back or viewing the edit history (which is another 'idea' in it's own right).


Thanks HubSpot! Keep up the good work.