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Lock deal properties at specific stage

Our accounting team would really like to be able to lock all properties on a deal after the deal has been closed won. This will ensure that sales members cannot change anything after the deal closes to affect their bonus. It will also ensure that the sales team is putting the info in correctly the first time since they can't go back and fix it. We would still want Admin to be able to edit properties, but lock them to everyone else. 

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Definitely a useful feature, thanks for posting.


I just asked support this very question and was going to enter the idea, but found this.


So, allow the sales person to change all of the details on a Deal in the Sales Pipeline, up until the point it moves to Closed Won or Closed Lost.

(Allow admins to change thereafter)




I find it hard to understand that this has not been implemented yet, as I see it as a critical feature in deal management.


Please this is so important, we jsut switch  from Salesforce to Hubspot and really feel Hubspot is lacking in basic features thta  helps control the reporting. 


Great idea!

Waiting for this feature.


+1 and if I could +10000


If Hubspot is to be the system of record for the GTM team, the ability to lock records is essential. 


  • Deals that are closed, booked, and signed off by finance should never be changed.  I suspect this is one of the reasons people more to the larger, B2B, CRMs where there are multiple teams that need to own pieces of Hubspot
  • Contract records where the employee is no longer working there because they moved to a different company. Marketing will often want to lock these contacts so no change occurs since that contact is now part of historic record.



This is functionality that prevents us from using HubSpot as a single source of truth for our company.




Agreed with all points mentioned.


Also would like to add that conditional fields  + conditional permissions should be something we can build and customize in general, not just for this specific field or function.


+1 agree

The ability to lock fields after a deal is closed so that they cannot be changed by sales is standard in other CRMs, this is essential. I really hope Hubspot sort this out ASAP


This has recently become a real requirement for us. Stopping sales people changing specific properties after a deal reaches a particular stage will stop 'rogue' deals being adjusted to 'fit' requirements and then changed afterwards.


HubSpot is currently the source of truth for us for invoicing/revenue tracking, so we would benefit greatly from being able to lock Closed records to prevent errant updates that could affect client invoices.


We need this feature as it affects our accounting and commissions if sellers can move deals out of closed won stage at a later date which is a scenario that recently happened.  We need to be able to lock any deals that are marked as closed won so once we've done our monthly / quarterly reporting and commissions, there's no risk of deals moving around after the fact. 


An important feature that we could really use


We need this too!


Completely agree- thanks for posting!


Very important feature!  We urgently need this feature to prevent reps going back in and making changes to the deal which skews data. This is key for our sales controlling process. Thanks for posting! 


This feature is essential!!


Not being able to lock deals is causing flow on effects for many integrations (billing and commission in particular) which are very time consuming to resolve.


It creates a huge problem with data audits/consistency.

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👋Hello community members!


Thank you for sharing your feedback and support for this idea. I'm happy to share that we are working on a solution for this.


We're looking to run a small early access group to provide feedback on the solution later this month. If you're interested in joining, please sign up via this form.

Note: Only available to super admin users and for customers on a Professional or Enterprise plan.


I look forward to sharing more updates in the coming weeks!

ステータスに更新: In Beta

👋 Hello again, community members!


We've built a feature to address this, called Limit editing access to select pipeline stages. This feature is now available for early access. If you're interested, please check the "Product Updates" page in your HubSpot account and join our beta


I welcome your feedback on this--we've set up an in-app survey to collect your thoughts. Thanks in advance!


Note: Only available to super admin users and for customers on a Professional or Enterprise plan.


@JeannieN - this is GREAT! I love that notes can still be left by non-Super Admins, but it appears to be a bug that those notes cannot be pinned. Any thoughts?