Live chat is just another email- it needs to beep/ring until someone answers it


We keep missing live chats because it comes through as an email. 


If someone is away from their screen for a few seconds and doesn't see it pop up, then we miss them and we find that a lot of customers aren't leaving their emails for us to repond to. 


I would like to see a feature tha you can turn on or off, where a live chat beeps/rings until a memeber of the team you want to receive this, answers it. 


I view live chat as a phone call-someone is there, on another device, trying to talk to you. If they don't get any response they hang up (or in live chats case come off the web page).


Not only is this poor customer service to leave a customer waiting for a minute after they have asked us a question, but they could come off of our website and head straight to a competitor to try them.


I know you can set your account to say your away so the live chat goes through to someone else but it's not practical to do that when your heading to the printer, answering the door etc. 

I have even gone to the extent of connecting hubspot to SLACK but chats have still been missed. 

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Hi, not sure if this helps. However, we have had the same issue and gotten around this by creating a workflow based on sessions (activities). If the session is more than 1 minute and the number of agent replies is 0, send an internal SMS (however you could do SMS, email, in-app notification, etc.) I would also suggest doing a qualifying question asking for their email address whenever is a session is started. 🙂 




This is a great idea. I have up to 4 peolpe working in HS at the same time and still they manage to let so many chat messages go. I would like a anoyoing beeper to let me team know the chat has not been answered.