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Live chat conversations linking with Company activity



This feature upgrade would be for the Service Hub and refers to the livechat integration.


Basically at the moment, the live chat only links the the contact in terms  of the activity tracker, I can see the benefit of this from a Sales perspective but for a Service offering, seeing this on the main company activity list is really important. 


Currently we are not able to see who has recently on live chat from the company activity page, as we would have to go into each contact individually to see if any Live chats have taken place. 


In some cicumstances there be 10's of contacts per company and it is not pratical for each of us to have to check each contact to see if they have recently been in contact with us via live chat. 


it is really handy having the activity listed from all emails and calls in the company forum, as it means it is easy to see what my colleagues have spoken to the client about and I do not need to check where they are with them. 


However with live chat this is hard to know, as I would have to be aware of them having completed a live chat to go looking for that information. 


Ideal solution is for the Live Chat activity to show under the company activty list, the same as the emails and calls do. So they would link to the contact, which in turn links to the company that they are attached to. 



so it would appear here




as this is what it shows like on the Contacts page



Thank you in advance.


Kind regards