Litmus Email Test Client Defaults

This was noted by another user in 2017 but hadn't gained any traction with Hubspot. Hoping to get picked up and implemented soon!


Currently when testing emails within Hubspot(using Litmus) you have to manually select the email clients you want to test for everytime you build a new email. Hubspot does not offer default selections for these email clients like Litmus does in its own application settings(we have been long time subscribers to Litmus). The caviat support tells me is once you select those clients within a single email they will stay checked for any future tests of that single email(but not other emails or new emails). 


We are very thorough with our testing as our clients and customers come from all backgrounds and use a wide assortment of email clients. This means handing my marketers a list of email clients they manually will have to select everytime they make an email eats up significant enough time to drive us away from using the Hubspot integration and instead pay for Litmus standalone. 


I am hoping others agree it would be much more efficient to be able to select a set of email clients your agency or department supports(tests for) that will be selected by default everytime you choose to Litmus test an email(just as it works within the standalone Litmus application). 


Even a simple solution such as adding a secondary CTA to "Select All" similar to the already existing "Deselect All" CTA that exists might offer a temporary fix. We are looking to pull back our own Litmus subscription and utilize this built in functionality within Hubspot but this simple error throws a big ol wrench in that idea.


I am also interested if anyone finds this lack of functionality actually turns them away from testing their emails since they have to manually select their email clients from the substantial list of options everytime.

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