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Lists for Deals and Custom Objects

Many users need the ability to create lists for more than just Contacts and Companys. The ability to create lists for "deals" and importantly "custom objects" is essential and NEEDS to be native. 


Because it is not, we cannot enroll custom objects or deals into workflow automations easily.


Solution: take same logic of list creation for Contacts and apply it to Deals and custom objects. 

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Agreed! This would be a step towards getting rid of external sheets and other outside tools to manage common business workflows.

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Love this idea! Just read a similar ask in another forum here in Community and found this - we shouls all upvote becasue I can see a ton of value in this! 

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such a great idea, it would really add a lot of value to create deal based lists.

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Yes! Yes! Yes! This is a constant bug and while you can do workarounds, they are so painful...please make this native!!! Views are not lists...