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Lists & workflows: filter contacts based on UTM parameters

As of now, when using the page view filter in a list or workflow, it is not possible to filter based on the UTM parameters of the URL that a contact visited. This is because Hubspot strips the UTM parameters from its records of a contact's visited URL(s) as explained here:


Therefore, it is not possible to determine in a list or workflow whether someone came from social or a paid campaign (when those parameters are defined as the "utm_source" for specific URLs). This would be a very valuable insight that can be used in what/if scenarios in workflows. For instance, in order to assign contact A (coming from social) to track X in the workflow and contact B (coming from a paid campaign) to track Y in the same workflow.


It would be even nicer if the UTM parameter(s) could be extracted from a short "" URL. That way, the URLs used in for instance social posts stay clean, trackable AND become usable in workflows/lists.


Or does anyone on here have a workaround that I am not aware of (i.e. something other than using the page view filter)?

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@Jari Would be very nice.


Same problem here - Hubspot won't work with UTMs in workflows, won't shorten the URL to when you try to make a tracked url of your own and add it. Also they make you use the utm_medium in a certain way.


My only question is, why? Can someone in Hubspot make a M-E-G-A blog post of how Hubspot tracks UTMs differently than most of the marketing world.

Seriously, it almost seems that the thousands of questions (literally, read them most) in the community on Hubspot UTM tracking usually leads to a dead end unfortunately.


I'm having the same problem. It would be nice, if you could fix it. Instead I can't create an list with all contacts that came from for example paidsocial. Tried it with "original source", but then the contacts we had an interaction with already, don't appear.

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This is a really big pain point, and forces customers to have to add more interaction/engagement in order to capture data that differentiates in order to use in workflows, etc.


The limitation for using tracking URLs and UTM parameters for workflow triggers and If/Then branches is really unfortunate for a user. We had set up workflows to send contacts into separate Salesforce campaigns based on the origination of what specific tracking URL they came from but it turns out everyone went to one campaign. Using UTM parameters and tracking URLs would be an extrememly beneficial feature to be able to use and would save a lot of time!

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I worked with Lauren at Hubspot support and we were able to collaborate around a solution here. I was looking to track form submissions from traffic driven by specific campaign links so we can see conversion rates of clicks to submissions.


Create a list or set workflow enrollment criteria to - *activity* AND Contact: Last page seen has ever been *tracking URL*.

Ex: Form submission: has submitted a form equal to webinar registration




Contact: Last Page Seen has ever contained

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This would be realy useful.


We provide QR codes to our independent reps, each with a UTM code. We can track created contacts as we can get the source from the UTM code but it would be great to be able to identify returning visitors that come back from the specific link so that we can notify the rep.

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@grant_growup Definitely. You can also integrate it into lead scoring and see which of your reps generate the most qualified contacts.