List which workflows forms belong to

There's no where to see what workflows a form is part of.  I can see Landing page but the form may be on numerous pages. 


If we just want to check what the follow up progress is after a certain form ois complete we have to try remember the name of the workflow to look it up, it was easy at the start for me as I created everything but as we build up so many workflows and all the team are adding it’s hard to see where it is and what it does. 


If we look up by landing page we may find one workflow but in actual fact the form might be in two workflows.  thanks 

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This enhancement would provide an enormous efficiency in understanding the impact of our forms and make it much easier to manage. 

Regular Contributor the idea.


It would be nice to be able to see which forms are tied to which workflows.


For example, If we were to look at the list of forms, we're able to see which landing pages the form is tied to.


in a similar manner, it would be nice to be able to see which workflows a specific form is tied to as well.


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This would help me enormously in my HubSpot efforts. Please bring this idea to life!

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 This would be massively helpful, as I'd need to start sifting through every workflow or list (each over 1.000) to identify which form is linked to what. We've had various people work on forms in the past, so currently it's almost impossible to map what will happen if a form is deleted. 

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This would be super helpful. Really would make sense to have this feature

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It would be super nice to be able to see which forms are tied to which workflows.

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Bumping this up, would be unbelievably useful.

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Ditto. This would be so helpful!

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Bumping this too - I just inherited a whole HubSpot full of workflows, forms, and landing pages set up by other people. Connecting the dots would be easier with this feature!

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Bumping this! This will be an absolutely great feature and will make life easier. Product team please look into this! This will make automation more simpler and help in connecting things together.

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Bumping this! Would be super helpful to have this tool. I have a lot of forms on the website but I'm not too sure which ones are already in workflows or not! It will help organise and help keep everything clutter-free.

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Just giving this a bump. Highly needed! You added the option of 1k workflows on Entreprise and I don't know how many forms you can have. We would have to remember which forms are used for which flows Smiley Surprised 


Highly needed!

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That would help a lot. I have the same issue, a lot of forms and a lot of workflows, but can't remeber all the names. 

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This would be extremely useful for when you want to "retire" a form and need to make sure it will not affect any processes