List which workflows forms belong to


There's no where to see what workflows a form is part of.  I can see Landing page but the form may be on numerous pages. 


If we just want to check what the follow up progress is after a certain form ois complete we have to try remember the name of the workflow to look it up, it was easy at the start for me as I created everything but as we build up so many workflows and all the team are adding it’s hard to see where it is and what it does. 


If we look up by landing page we may find one workflow but in actual fact the form might be in two workflows.  thanks 

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@jtremblay Currently I ping internal team members if they remember what forms they are part of. That is obviously error prone.


Or as Catherine from HubSpot suggeted, go to a contact record from the list and see the workflows on the right hand side and check them to see if forms are associated.




THIS WOULD BE SO HELPFUL!! Please let us know if HubSpot could add this feature!!!


This would be a great way for our team to get a good overview while we try to standardize our forms! 


Bumping this, too.  I am surprised this hasn't been on a short list of enhancements considering it's been talked about here for 4 years already.  Not to mention the logic and programming has already been done on the Email portion when you view Details.  We need the same feature for Forms and Landing Pages!


One trick HubSpot support showed me was IF you use campaigns for both your landing pages and workflows, you can look at your form to see what landing pages, then look at the landing pages to see what campaign, then viewing the details of the campaign will show you all of the workflows associated.  Even then you have to look at all of them to see if they even use the form, but at least it narrows down the list a little.


The only other alternative I've found is to not use the same form twice (or at least for two different workflows) so that the naming convention can point me to which workflow it's associated with.  But this process is not scalable and quite messy to manage.


This would help a lot!

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@jtremblay I just encountered this issue with a client. Here is the workaround I used, which requires that there be at least one form submission on the form in question (you can do a test submission yourself if you don't have any submissions). This also only works for forms that are used as the enrollment trigger in a workflow. 


While this is not ideal, it certainly beats clicking into each and every workflow to find what you're looking for!


  1. Create an active list - the list criteria should be Form Submission > Name of Form.
    1. If you submitted the form yourself, skip to #2.
  2. Open the contact record for any of the contacts that submitted the form.
    1. Double-check your Activity filters to make sure you are showing "Workflows".
    2. It may be helpful to ONLY filter for Form Submissions and Workflows if the contact has a lot of activity
  3. Find the form submission within the contact's Activity. Note the date/time the form was submitted.
  4. Following the form submission, you should see "Workflow Activity" that occurs at the same time, or immediately following, the form submission.
    1. Click into the workflows to confirm the form is being used as an enrollment trigger.

Hope this helps some of you while HubSpot works on implementing this.


Hope to see this soon. Sounds like pretty basic functionality to add but would give us a better idea of how our workflows and forms all interact together and save us a bunch of time.


Yes, yes! Please add this functionality soon. Thanks!


Great idea!


Right now I would just look at one of the submissions and what workflows they are enrolled in.


Hopefully, it's not many


Voting this idea up!