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List performance trend line - updates/changes markers

Dear HubSpotters 🤖,

in the past we had the possibility so see all the points in time when a contact list was modified directly on the trend line of the list perfomance within the performance tab.

It was so convenient since we could easily spot when the filters were changed and the direct impact those actions had on the list #s. 

I recall there was a specific marker on the point in time where the chage occurred. 

Now, if we go on the `details` tab, we can see the `last updated` date but it is not enough and not precise as it was looking at it directly on the trend line.

Also, now we can see only the last change, so we are missing what happened in the past.

Referencing here an old article from the HS blog with an example. 

It would be great having those `change markers`  back!

List marker.png

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💯 I can't understand why such a useful feature can be deprecated.

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Interesting @RiccardoPisani 🙂


@karstenkoehler What are your thoughts on this one?

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Honestly, I don't mind these markers missing but lists should have a change history the same way workflows do 👀  @SteveBrian 

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Yes @karstenkoehler, markers were a sort of change history within the performance chart - you could hover on that marker to learn what happened on that date, such as if list criteria were updated.

Agree with you on the change history like WFs 👍

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Hi all,


Thank you so much for your feedback. This functionality is available if you go to any specific list, click Performance, and click the 'Over Time' report to change to the 'Over Time by Version' report. This colored graph tells you precisely when filters were changed in your list, thus increasing the version of your list by +1. 


The graph referenced above could actually have changed not just because of filters, but also due to more contacts meeting the list criteria. By separating those two graphs you now have better insights into the actual performance of your list. 


I see this idea around enabling a List Change History if you would like to upvote that one separately. Thank you all so much for your help!

New List Performance GraphNew List Performance Graph


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