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Would be good if we could filter deals to show if there has been a quote generated.

Further to this we would like to see quotes listed so that action can be taken against them.

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The temporary workaround we use to allow both filtering and 'listing' of quotes is to build out custom deal properties and MANUALLY populate with links from the actual quote names -- 'Test Quote' in the example above -- after each quote is published (important).


As of 23-Jul, the 'Copy link' buttons in the Quotes section of deals is now rendering 404 pages. We've confirmed this behavior on a Sales Pro and a Marketing Enterprise portal. The temporary workaround that's working for us is to right-click and use the link associated with the actual quote name -- again 'Test Quote' in the example image above.

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HI - I've been using the "create a quote" element  Hubspot Sales for the last two weeks - it's a GREAT addition to hubspot and is really streamlining my Deals and proposals workflow. Just a couple of things that would be GREAT!


It would be great if you could "save" a quote and get back to it and edit it later. It would also be good to be able to edit a quote after sending and have it update "live" on the linked page.


Also - the Quotes need someplace to "live" that's easy to see all of them in one place - either as part of DEALS or in their own area - right now I have to hunt through the contact or company and find the quote in the tracked email. 



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@KSprague, I found an idea (Edit Quote after created) with more votes that could solve your edit quotes later request. Please upvote!