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List-field to enter/display list description

Add a memo field to each list so users may document the list's purpose and any particulars that may be needed in the future.

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We currently maintain a shared document outside Hubspot to explain how the various lists should be used. We would not need that if there was a "Description" field on the lists themselves.

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Agree this would be a very useful feature. When you have lots of lists, it's difficult to see which ones are candidates for being removed if you don't know their purpose.


This would be so helpful. Thanks!


Same thought, booooosting this idea!

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This idea has been raised in the Japanese Community as well. (The below is a comment from a Japanese customer.)


We use lists to set up workflows and distribute marketing emails, but it can be difficult to distinguish them by their names alone.

It would be greatly convenient if there was a place to add a description, just like when creating properties or workflows.

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Hi folks,


Thank you for raising this idea! We also think it's a great one. I'm happy to say that lists descriptions are now available in beta given it also comes with the ability to create custom properties for your Lists! 


You can learn more about this beta and opt your portal in (if super admin) using this link:


Image below shows custom properties + description!

list form button.png