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List export for definite time period & columns order

I would like to suggest several improvements to the List Export:

- posibility to export lists for a definite period of time, eg. choose date, last month, this month, last 30 days, etc.

- the order of the colums/fields in the Hubspot list interface should be kept the same for the CSV-file upon exporting or the possiblity to choose the order of columns for the export file

Thank you!

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Both great ideas!


I've just exported a list with 25 columns and spent about 20 minutes ordering them so that they match my import template. Big suprise when I opened the exported XLSX file... All columns in random order except Contact ID -from HubSpot 😉

Now I have to reorder them again in Excel, gone 20 minutes valuable time which I can't bill my client for.


Absolutely agree about column order being saved to export files. This feature would save me hours of time as my reports have 60+ columns I have to reorder manually.


Liked and commented to hopefully help with hubspot getting traction so that the order of columns would actually mean something, but I guess random column order just adds the "fun" of reordering the columns in excel, who doesnt love extra steps!

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Very good point. It seems obvious that the exported data followed the order specified in HubSpot. This would greatly improve efficiency for all reports/analyses based on regular exports. This is also true for other exports, not just from the list tool.


Just upvoted several other comments like this, surprised it's been years with no fix. Way too much manual work to have to re-order columns once exported into an excel. Seems pointless to spend the time ordering in HubSpot. 


HubSpot please make this a priority, would make so many users happy!


This would be extremely useful to us

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+1 this would be really helpful!