List Performance Reports in Dashboards


For marketers who want to track the performance, i.e. growth of contacts, of a specific list, it would be very valuable to be able to add the List Performance reports from the Contacts module to Dashboards. 


For a project dashboard, the performance of a specific contact list could be a helpful indicator.

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Lists are so central to HubSpot that it'd be extremely helpful to be able to show them in dashboards.  That way, it'd be a lot easier for me to create a single spot for management to go to get all the info the need on a campaign or a product push, for example.


Ex:  I need reports that list a table of the sales of specific product(s) and the customer who bought.  Right now, you have to dig into each deal to finally see what product was bought.  I need to be able to let Sales know which contacts and which target ABM companies have bought a certain product.  This is key in a B2B environment when we're re making a push on a certain product.  For example, I need to be able to show which contacts at which of our key target ABM accounts have bought a ticket for an upcoming training event in February. This is crucial to allow Sales to target those who've bought already to sell deeper into...or know which haven't bought yet to push those.  Right now, the only way to do this appears to be to create a list and Lists cannot be added to dashboards.  Same as above, but by sales rep is a need too so that our VP Sales can tell which sales reps are closing deals and which are not on the current product push.

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One of the things I love about Marketo is being able to see how an email performed by a list without having to do individual sends. For example: If I sent one email about HubSpot to marketers in all 50 states. I'd like to send it once and then run a report to show prospects in MA were most engaged. 


Now I have to do (I think) 50 sends and compare. Marketo lets you segment email performance by any list. Please say this is on the roadmap. 


Other enhancements to list performance reports could include the ability to drill into a report and get the detail on who the specific contacts were that visited the website, completed a form, clicked in an email, etc.

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Definitely need to be able to track customized lists in reports and dashboards.


Update on this? This would be a huge add and make it so you don't have to go to 2 seperate locations to look at stats. I would assume this would not be a huge lift as the reports are already built, just allowing access in another location.


Considering how central lists (instead of tags) are to Hubspot it is amazing to find out that you can't really use them at any granular level in reports.  This should be a highly prioritized feature.

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Absolutely! This is a low hanging fruit, as you have the graph anyway. Please add it to the reports as the effort from your side is very limited and the benefit for the customer if very high.


This would be so handy!  We have B2B and B2C contacts in the same bucket, which I segment into lists via workflows.  Having a dashboard that looks at specific lists would really benefit how we work.