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We export similar types of data regularly, and removing the default properties HubSpot has set and selecting the same group of properties can be tedious when exporting several lists in a row. It's common that we don't need to export "Companies" properties at all, so wish we could turn that off. Would be great if we could set our own default properties and/or save versions of export settings that we use often. If I'm just not using the right search terms to find an existing way to do these things, please send a link my way.:) Thanks!

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Hey, I think this would be a great addition too. A lot of users will be consistently exporting the same data, and not being able to have a set list of columns/properties to include (for a certain list for example) makes it a repetitive task!

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This is a must-have. Having to reset these for each dataset type is laborious. Custom data pre-sets needed for exports.

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This would definitely be a huge improvement of the tool! Adding/removing complete object's data would be a first, but huge, step forward.

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Agreed. Exports are one of the only ways we can keep one of our client's software platforms updated (in the absence of a budget to develop a custom integration) with contacts that are converting in their HubSpot portal. Asking our client to manually remove the default contact properties during a list export and add the ones that tie to their other platform is a major friction point. I'd love to see this feature added to HubSpot especially since we can set default properties in other areas.

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@mkarsten I'm not sure if you've already thought of this but figured I would suggest it. If you're searching for the same properties over and over in the export modal that pops up, one idea that doesn't solve the overall issue but could potentially make it less annoying is to group all of the contact properties that you commonly export into one single property group. That way, when you need to add the properties to your export list, you can scroll to that custom property group and quickly select all of the properties to be added to the export. That assumes you're comfortable with all of those properties living in the same group.


Again, it may not solve the real issue but hopefully, it may help shave off some time and keystrokes. 


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This is a great idea, but not sure if we'll be able to take advantage it. I'll review if all the properties are from one property group, and if so, we'll considering using your suggestion. If they come from multiple existing groups, would be confusing to clump them together somewhere else. Thanks for putting the thought into it!

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Would be very useful to have this option. 

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I was searching for some way to do this and found this thread. It will be so great to have a default setting of fields when exporting lists. We export list of contacts for offline processing a lot and it becomes really annoying to remove all the default properties and then select the ones we need again. 

Having a default property setting will save so much time. I have been working on cleaning our email list and in past 2 weeks, I have exported multiple lists dozens of time. And each time, I had to select all the required properties again and again. Wishing on this feature to become a reality so eagerly. 

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100% Agree. I would think this would be an easy fix on HubSpot's end, hopefully, this gets resolved soon!