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List Deals included in Forecast Submission

In the Forecast tool, users can select Deals and click "Submit Forecast" to submit a forecast for the total sum of those deal amounts. Sales leadership needs to see exactly which deals were included in their users' individual forecast submissions. To accomplish that now, forecast users have to copy and paste deal names and other data into their forecast submission notes, an unnecessarily manual and time-consuming process, especially for users who update forecasts on a frequent basis, such as weekly.


Depending on the team's forecasting process, the Forecast Category methodology alone may not solve for this. Instead, it would be helpful if when deals are selected for use in a forecast submission, HubSpot retains a list of those deals, automatically adds them to the forecast notes for that submission or a new section on the forecast submission tool - "Included Deals" - and provides a direct link to the included deals so users don't have to manually replicate that information and sales leadership can quickly and easily navigate to deals included in user-submitted forecasts.