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List Actions, Status Updating, & Status Colors



So there are three things I really think would help a lot. 


1st: When working in any list whether it be a contact list, a company list, or a 'to do' list, etc, I think there should always be an action option allowing us to draft an email, or text message and send it out to all the selected items. This is going to be a lot better for one time emails where creating an entire email sequence or campaign is just overkill and time consuming. 


2nd: For the mobile version, we need the ability to update fields that are selectable, such as statues etc, without going into 'edit' mode. This is possible in the web version where you can click on a status and simply select the new status without having to edit the contact. This needs to find it's way to the mobile app. 


3rd: It would be nice to add color coding options to contact or company statuses like Lead (green), Qualified Lead (purple), Appointment #1 (blue), Customer (red), etc. This will help us quickly identify statuses without having to read the status name. 


Hope these suggestions are valued and put into effect quickly 😃