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Linking two contacts for association

when we add new contacts we make separate contacts for people like families, friends, etc. I think it would be a great feature if there is a way to link two contacts together. ie: if we add contacts for a married couple, the contact info on husband (A) will contain a 'field' where it can show who he is associated with; In this case, it will show his wife's name (B) info. When we click his wife name, it will automatically open a page with his wife's info page.


I think this will be great in finding associations not only in companies, but network through families, business partners, etc. Plus making it easier to find will certainly an advantage for a Hubspot user.

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I love workarounds but actual LINKING or  householding or connections works so much better so that we dont have a workaround. lastly, this doesnt appear to be important to the developers due to the fact that this was first discussed back in may of 2017. It would be great if this functionality was added. An easy way would to accomplish this would be to added a spouse field or family field then have the ability to search for others records. then they would be connected for both contacts. 



+1 for some feature which it will make it easier to work with couples in Hubspot


Completely agree and vital for linking PAs/Secretaries to a contact! Apologies if I missed any further developments with this... 


We are in a relationship business where our contacts usually work together a lot of the time. So if w know that Contact A is associated with a Deal, then more than likely Contact B, C, and D would be on that same deal. It would be great to be able to associate contacts with each other rather than just Deals and Companies so that we could use that relationship in our workflows.


+1 for this. We are a budgeting app that allows couples to manage their finances together. It would be great to associate contacts. 


This functionality is key for many organisations, educational institutions from an admissions and fundraising perspective will find this a must-have as we need to associate father, mother, child other guardians etc etc to pipelines and engagement.

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Associating contacts is a basic function for two of our largest accounts. One is a large senior housing and care provider the other is a private school for pre school thru 8th grade. They must be able to create family associations. As a result of this issue, we may have to move both away from HubSpot. I wish that they would address this situation. It has been lingering as an issue for years.


Just got into CRMs and Hubspot seemed to fit the bill for most features but with this and having a heiarchy of an organization being able to creat a new property that was able to link contacts would be helpful.  We have alot of different referral sources that would be nice to have linked to the person referred.


For our sport business we need this too. We are a small business with not much money and relying on the Free CRM to support our students/customers who are listed in Xero. We are thinking about integrating to Xero; where we would like to see the contacts synchronised to a family group (Parents and Children). In Xero we list the additional family members in the additional email/name fields.  Not supporting this is a big deterent for small clubs where the Free CRM only has 10 customer fields to play with.


I am not sure why Hubspot isn't able to do relationship hierarchies. It would be an excellent feature to a great platform.


We need this as well for financial services. We are new to Hubspot and on the Professional plan for Sales, Marketing and Service.


We thought we would be able to use Hubspot for the CRM too, but we are now finding that we may to look at Salesforce Financial Services Cloud as a CRM replacement. I would REALLY prefer to keep all of this in one platform.


Has anyone come up with a workaround that actually works well? We use the Companies area as it's intended so asscociating Contacts to "Households" as Companies doesn't work since you can only assign a contact to a single company.


We just wrote a script and implemented our own and sync to HS. Sorry that doesn't help others but it might tell HS the level of importance.

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It's essential for us to have the assistents of certain contacts marked and linked as such. It's a bit old school, but the reality is that you often don't communicate directly with CEO or board members, but go through their assistants instead. 


We also need the ability to associate contacts, speifically linking family contacts together. Ideally being able to do this under a "household" instead of a company. Both of these would be ideal, particularly as more non-profits and businesses that aren't "companies" use Hubspot CRM.  It's a common CRM feature that would be great to have.  


This idea of household is critical to a financial advisory business like mine, we look after families in terms of their financial plan, life insurances and investments. Being able to connect all people in one household is very important.



Hope the hubspot development team sees  this request. Adding a custom single line field is a workaround... but a bit cumbersome. It really should be as easy as adding a deal.


This is such a necessary feature that I hope HubSpot adds soon.


This is really important for our usage where all of our clients have personal assistants 


We are a tax/financial services organization and it would nice to see my client's dependents when pulling up their record without me having to open the tax software. We also have a few clients that have the same name and do not use Jr or Sr, so if I pull up their records and see the spouse and children I will know who is who right away.


Please develop this feature as soon as possible. We used another CRM and they had this feature and it was amazing to see the client relationships all from one screen. It also allows you to develop a deeper relationship with the client because we know their spouse and their children's names. And being able to see that an entire family is coming to you is amazing and should be recognized and rewarded.


Thank you!


Simple option for HubSpot. Create a "Related Contacts" object on the contact profile. I believe you could accomplish this in the enterprise version as you can create custom objects.