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Linking two contacts for association

when we add new contacts we make separate contacts for people like families, friends, etc. I think it would be a great feature if there is a way to link two contacts together. ie: if we add contacts for a married couple, the contact info on husband (A) will contain a 'field' where it can show who he is associated with; In this case, it will show his wife's name (B) info. When we click his wife name, it will automatically open a page with his wife's info page.


I think this will be great in finding associations not only in companies, but network through families, business partners, etc. Plus making it easier to find will certainly an advantage for a Hubspot user.

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This is one of the main reasons we moved our CRM and Service to Salesforce. I've kept the marketing hub with HubSpot, but this was very disappointing over the 2 years we had everything at HubSpot. Worse, it was impossible to know this functionality didn't exist before purchasing because everything was locked in the free trial. 


Yes contact association is the basis of a relational database

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yes, this will be very useful to some of our clients


Totally agree, now that association labels exist it would be great to have contacts to contacts associations.


Multiple use cases here, as mentioned already associating a couple together, schools can use to associate parent A to parent B, you can associate contacts who work together but not at the same company. Lots of options!

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Would be a great feature. It would be helpful for us as a client of ours uses secretaries. These secretaries should be associated to certain contact, which is now not available to do so. 


I'm almost shocked this isn't implemented yet 😄

It should be a very simple thing to do as well, similar to how you can mention team members with the @ command which even works here. 


Here's an example of how it would be useful in practice as well as our context.

I'm a relocation specialist, I help foreigners finding a home here in Portugal, renting or buying it, along with some other services.

On these cases I typically serve families, which as a workaround we started creating "Companies" like "Taylor Family" where we add the different family members.

However some times there are key parties that would be useful to have in there, a few examples include:
- Who the landlord is;
- Who referenced them to us;
- Who sold their appliances for warraty purposes;
- Etc

While we COULD add all of these people on the families and/or the deals page, it feels too cumbersome for such a seemingly simple change.

TL;DR: Make it so we can tag other contacts within notes or properties like the @ command, maybe even use a different symbol to not confuse things, so we can create a note with contacts of interest.

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this would be AWESOME pleae make this possible


Example use case: Real Estate, families purchase together and need to be qualified together prior to opening a deal and associating both to the deal


We work with families so this feature is much needed. I don't want to implement the work-around as it is only good for visibility. I want to use it in the automation workflow as well to send out a specific communication to the primary contact or vice versa. We can create association lables but still the challenge to map them is there and it will be messy inside our CRM when handling by more than one person in a team.