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Linking two contacts for association

when we add new contacts we make separate contacts for people like families, friends, etc. I think it would be a great feature if there is a way to link two contacts together. ie: if we add contacts for a married couple, the contact info on husband (A) will contain a 'field' where it can show who he is associated with; In this case, it will show his wife's name (B) info. When we click his wife name, it will automatically open a page with his wife's info page.


I think this will be great in finding associations not only in companies, but network through families, business partners, etc. Plus making it easier to find will certainly an advantage for a Hubspot user.

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One of the main functions my business performs is relationships.  We're currently using a text field and could really use this feature implemented!


Much Needed feature!!

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I'd love to see something like this implemented - equivalent to a lookup field in Salesforce (and many other tools) - so you could create a custom reference to another object, whether it be a contact to another contact, or account to another account, or two different object types.


One use case we have at the moment: we work with partners, we want to keep track of which partners work with which prospect or customer accounts - so would be great if we had a "Partner" field on a company object that could then link to other companies (can obviously realte companies to eachother via parent and child relationships, but this would allow us to capture other relationships)


YES PLEASE! We make engagement and wedding bands — so often start off with one party but as the deal moves along, the other party might get involved. A simple and quick way to associate two contacts (or more) is critical... the "Companies" soultion is cumbersome and is already a pain (since we don't market or sell to companies) as the company is created from a corporate email address automatically.




Yes, it would be helpful to show who a contact reports to at a bare minimum. The field should let you search the CRM for their boss or create a new contact record if that person doesn't exist in the CRM.


This functionality needs to be a high priority to complete by the end of the year. Being able to connect two contacts before reaching the deal stage is imperitive for communication with our clients.


While already covered, it's important for us to map organizational relationships (reporting) between contacts in hubspot for use in our sales efforts.  Is this idea being considered for a future release?  As another contributor indicated, there could be a box on the contact, like deals, that show's related contacts.  I'd like to be able to include a tag on the relationship (e.g. reports to/manages).


New to HubSpot, and enjoying it so far, except for this missing feature. This is critically important for our organization as well. We are a non-profit that hosts a large music festival each summer and we spend a lot of time raising funds from donors, and it's really important to connect people to their family members and remember kid's names, spouses, and so on. The fact that HubSpot insists on trying to encourage everyone to use "Company" and "Deals" as workarounds is really frustrating. That clearly isn't what those fields are meant for. And let's be honest here: "Deals" is a pretty cringy term anyway. I think HubSpot can do better.


Very keen on this feature request. It's a must have for those of us who are not using Hubspot for B2B, but rather for B2C


We also work with couples and this would save a lot of time.  We too currently have a Spouse Name manual field that we put the name into, but it would be so much easier if it was a link to their contact card too.

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+ 1 This would be great for referrals- When a contact who currently uses a product refers another contact, and the referred contact ultimately purchases, we have no way of making that connection, so it's a very manual process to make sure the referrer is sent a referral gift.


Is there any chance of this being implemented? Or having a custom property that is able to interlink to a contact. I see the feature of interlinking with a hubspot user. This would be similar, we just want to link Contacts and Deal Cards to people by area eg. client, real estate agent, lawyer. The company association only allows for one company, which we use for the lender. [As we are a mortgage brokering firm]

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@ There has recently been a feature released into beta that addressed some of our needs in this regard, probably works for others on this thread:



I have contacts willing to receive our newsletters via their professional email and personal one. Associating one contact to another will allow to see the contact activity in one place. Creating a new Company for everyone willing to do this will affect reporting.


We work with couples. For now, we use a custom object called "Spouse" but if that spouse fills out a web form, or someone uses the Outlook extension to email him/her, they end up becoming a contact (and then users start using that contact record, adding the other's a mess). Please, we desparately need to link family members together.

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Just received this piece of information. 😃
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Awesome news!


We really need this feature!

Implement it as soon as possible, even in a basic mode.

It'll be a great prize for all of us: your customers!


We've experienced that an employee will use their work email to view webpages, landing pages, and subscribe to newsletters, but they will use their personal email on a landing page to download information.  I want to track the whole person by tieing their personal and work emails together.  In this case I know it's the same person because we invited them to the landing page to download info.

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This is a standard function in Salesforce and other CRMs, hope to see this implemented soon.