Linking two contacts for association


when we add new contacts we make separate contacts for people like families, friends, etc. I think it would be a great feature if there is a way to link two contacts together. ie: if we add contacts for a married couple, the contact info on husband (A) will contain a 'field' where it can show who he is associated with; In this case, it will show his wife's name (B) info. When we click his wife name, it will automatically open a page with his wife's info page.


I think this will be great in finding associations not only in companies, but network through families, business partners, etc. Plus making it easier to find will certainly an advantage for a Hubspot user.

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One of the main functions my business performs is relationships.  We're currently using a text field and could really use this feature implemented!


Much Needed feature!!

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I'd love to see something like this implemented - equivalent to a lookup field in Salesforce (and many other tools) - so you could create a custom reference to another object, whether it be a contact to another contact, or account to another account, or two different object types.


One use case we have at the moment: we work with partners, we want to keep track of which partners work with which prospect or customer accounts - so would be great if we had a "Partner" field on a company object that could then link to other companies (can obviously realte companies to eachother via parent and child relationships, but this would allow us to capture other relationships)


YES PLEASE! We make engagement and wedding bands — so often start off with one party but as the deal moves along, the other party might get involved. A simple and quick way to associate two contacts (or more) is critical... the "Companies" soultion is cumbersome and is already a pain (since we don't market or sell to companies) as the company is created from a corporate email address automatically.




Yes, it would be helpful to show who a contact reports to at a bare minimum. The field should let you search the CRM for their boss or create a new contact record if that person doesn't exist in the CRM.