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Linking two contacts for association

when we add new contacts we make separate contacts for people like families, friends, etc. I think it would be a great feature if there is a way to link two contacts together. ie: if we add contacts for a married couple, the contact info on husband (A) will contain a 'field' where it can show who he is associated with; In this case, it will show his wife's name (B) info. When we click his wife name, it will automatically open a page with his wife's info page.


I think this will be great in finding associations not only in companies, but network through families, business partners, etc. Plus making it easier to find will certainly an advantage for a Hubspot user.

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or also add an association box like the Deals or <name>'s Company to see who's that person connected to


This would also give you the ability to show organizaitional hierarchies


This would also give you the ability to show organizational hierarchies


Agreed! How can we push for HubSpot to create this functionality? I would love for a way to make it clear in the database that we reach a certain person through their secretary, for example. 


Agreed, this would be valuable for organizational heirarchy, right now I am adding a custom field for "manager", but not able to link the actual contact records.


Associating contacts would make my life so much easier.  I work in a school context.  We often talk to both Mum and Dad about enrolling a child.  

Sure, we can merge email addresses to create a single contact, but that destroys the record of one of the parents.  Then, the next time the 'other' parent contacts us from a different email address, we're back to multiple contacts for the same child's enrolment.  It gets very messy.... 


Totally agree with this sentiment. This would be extremely useful.


I'd love to see a "SalesForce-like" feature with a contact property that has a hyperlink to an associated contact's profile... thus linking husband and wife, for example.


This is a common fonction in most CRM. Essential in my line of work.


I need this function as well! Many of our clients are companies with two or more directors. We cannot use the company function for this though because often they don't have domain names for their company, so being able to associate contacts with each other in the contact record would be really useful.


Hi everyone, I've found a workaround that actually works!!

Create yourself a Single line text field in Contacts called Spouse/partner or whatever you like.


You can now go to a contact record and copy the web address for that contact and paste this into the above field on the second record.


Once you've saved the changes and clicked away from the field so you're not in edit mode you can then hover over the field and a box with an arrow pointing to the top right corner will appear. Click this and you'll open the other record in a separate tab.


You can then repeat this for the other record.


If you wanted multiple associations you could just have multiple single line text fields.


Not beautiful but it works!



This is helpful. Thank you.


One thing that just occured to me is to create a company, for example, called "The Smith Household" and then link "John Smith" and "Jane Smith" to the company.


This is particularly challenging because my clients are all financial services, so their clients have joint accounts--a joint investment account--and also individual accounts too--John's IRA account.  I'm in the process of syncing that account information to HubSpot's CRM but this nuance has presented some difficulty in terms of how to map the data. My thought is that mapping the accounts on the company level will avoid the pitfalls of, for example, how to map a joint investment account to each individual.


Any thoughts?




I agree, the concept of a "Household" is a much needed feature in Hubspot. 


Not just for spouses but being able to add kids, relatives, etc.  It could function very similarly to a company type structure.  Having a true household feature where it can show the hiarchy of the family would be ideal, but a potentially easy fix would be to simply the ability to create multiple companies for for a single contact.  We can kind of create  a "household" by using the company fuction now but then we lose the ability to associate their actual company because we can only link one company.  


Another seemily "easy" help would be to have to functionality to add mulitple contacts to a given note in the CRM.  Similar to how you can add a deal or a company to a note in a contact record, it would go a long way if we could simply hit a + sign to add another contact record to journal that same note to them so we don't have to copy the text and then going to say the spouses record and paste it in there as well.


Great Idea.  In our business we are dealing with patients and caregivers and the challenge with speaking to multiple decision makers and keeping all of the conversations straight becomes challenging.  Also scheduling appropriate follow-ups where different caregivers can have different contact owners, depending on who they first spoke to.


This is much needed in our orgranization.  We have students (contacts) who get placed with employers (contacts) and we need a way to associate these two.  Something that could create a map between contacts is ideal.


Please add this feature! Very important.

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This is an absolutely essential feature to have. We have an enterprise / Salesforce user that would move the entire CRM and 100 users to HS just for this feature. They are a senior care provider and need to associate family members, caregivers, spouses, children etc. to the senior person that needs care. Please HS if you are listening, just get it done.


This would be a great feauture and work in scenarios whereby users had left prior companies or worked for multiple organisations as is often the case with quality consultants


Over 2 years and still no solution? smh


1. The test in the preview is not in English but you will get the point..... 
2. I serve 2 or more clients per transaction + 2 / 3 providers 

3. I am using the free version

I created a "Deal" and called it with a common denominator  (In my case the address of a  RE property)


I associated with the deal all the relevant contacts


Then you have access to the deal and all the other contact directly from your main contact page 

as well as from any and all of the associated contacts. 

works for me I hope it helps you all... 




This is a common feature in other CRMs. We do have a need to track relatives of our direct customers and really need a way to associate such relationships