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Linking the deal name in custom reports

It would be helpful for the custom reports to link the deal name property (when used) to the deal. This currently is how it works for standard reports, just not the custom ones built from scratch. This is also the same use case for tickets.


Linking to the deal/ticket, is more efficient if needing to update or close the deal/ticket information. 

E.g: I am creating a report to show all stalled deals/tickets in a stage, it would be helpful for us to then click into the deals/tickets we want to investigate or update etc.



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I agree. This is a big pain. I need to create a deals report that shows all deals where the last contacted date is greater than 21 days ago. I can do this in the custom reports builder, but it doesn't link to the deal. I can't do it in the deals report builder because the date filters don't include any relative logic (i.e. I would have to manually update the filter to "before MM/DD/YYYY" every day, which is impractical).


I agree with this as well.  We should be able to link to the deal or task from a dashboard report. This makes the data actionable.  Without the links, it's multiple steps for any viewer of the dashboard to get to the appropraite area resolve/update status of tickets, which leads to a cluster of outdated tasks that make the data noisy and less useful.  

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Looks like you can add the deal field called "Deal ID" to make the information link to the deal listed in your report.


Why does custom reports not have this feature. I have to use custom reports, becauise the stndars reports dont let me pull the data by our Fiscal year, but stadard has links, this is the whole reason for a rwealtional database. C'Mon HubSpot this is standard stuff for a CRM. The more I am using HubSpot basic features like a Today's Date Property Associating Contacts, and a host of other are not there., make me want to jump ship. 


@mnagel that's a good workaround, having the record ID displayed is a little clunky but oh well