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Linkedin Sales Navigator Integration - Inmails to be Registered in Activity Track

At the moment, inmail integration is not available between Linkedin Sales Navigator and Hubspot .

So, when you send and inmail through Linkedin sales app (inside Hubspot- contact pannel), the inmail is not tracked in the activity line of the contact.

We propose to integrate linkedin sales navigator app and Hubspot for inmails, this way all inmails sent through the app would be registered in the contact record in Hubspot.

Thank you!


Yes we couldn't agree more. LI is growing in relevance in our demand gen and we have a big blind spot on activity when it comes to the LI/HS integration. This would be very helpful. 


Yes this needs to be a thing! Further, if I use InMail to communicate to a contact, it does not show as an email via the Activites tab. This should be corrected, at least by giving the option in settings to have it count. A touch is a touch is a touch.


Tracking LinkedIn InMail activity is a need for our organization, as well.  The fact that reps need to copy and paste their content in twice is cumbersome.


This idea was posted two years ago, come on HubSpot please provide an update! Having to manually log InMail activity is time consuming and in some cases is not done by BDM's.