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Linkedin Connect Request Tracking

Leveraging Tasks, I see my team can track Linkedin Connection Requests. However, it does not seem possible to track if a connection was successful or not. 


Does it make sense for the "Sales Navigator — Connection Request" Task to also have a field that tracks successful connections? 


Furthermore, I see in Sales Nav that there is a "Link to CRM" button. However, this only seems possible through Salesforce. Perhaps a long-term idea would be to build out a more robust sales nav integration. 

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This would be a big help. I've sent out Connection Requests and unfortunately there is no way within the CRM to tell who is still pending, who has accepted, etc. This would be helpful to make sure that we're not duplicating efforts, etc.


There is no automated way to track, but we decided to report on this activity undertaken by the SBRs. I created a Custom Property: LinkedIn-Connection-Status, which is updated manually by the SDRs. Currently, it has one of three (Dropdown) values:

  • Requested
  • Accepted
  • Rejected

There is a similar Custom Property: LinkedIn-Response-Date, where the SDR enters the date a Contact responded in a meaningful fashion to outreach via IM-Messages.


Now we can at least track the Sdr's activities and a Contact's responses to LinkedIn outreach.