LinkedIn - schedule a sharing of publication on different LinkedIn'profils

Dear all,


Following a call with your college Emmanuel Cabane on the 16 February 2018 and his advice, I’m writing you in order to share our situation and idea.


I’m working in the marketing department at POST Luxembourg who is a big structure with more than 4000 employees. Our company is active in different businesses (Telecom & ICT but also finance and postal) with a lot of different colleagues’ profiles and digital maturity.


In our marketing department we already use HubSpot to build international digital campaign and we share and track our content through LinkedIn. The problem is that our internal policy allow only to the managers to publish our contents on LinkedIn in the name of the company.


In contrast, the “non-manager” employees are allowed to share the manager of company pages’s LinkedIn publication. And that is where our needs start: we would like to be able to schedule and track the LinkedIn share of content that would be made by these “non-manager” colleagues. The goal is to plan but also to can get statistic about these shares, not only with the “normal” direct publication.


So the question is: is it possible with HubSpot to plan and publish the share of a LinkedIn publication on the LinkedIn profile of our colleagues?


Those option will allow us to share our content in two different ways:

  • With publication on LinkedIn profile for our management
  • With a share of publication for our non-management colleagues

Thanks in advance for your feedback,

Kind Regards,


Mehdi Sahli

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