Linked Referral Sources to Deals - Just like Contacts


For any business generating sales from referrals, it is important to track who your referral sources are, by linking them to deals that they referred.


Currently, there is no way to effectively link "referral sources" to deals.


The current method is either:

1. Manually enter the referral sources name in a text field (does not link to their contact profile)

2. Enter the referall sources as a contact on the deal (onfusing because they are not working at the company, they just referred them to us)


It would be great to have a seperate section like "referrals" or "sources" uniquely different from "contacts" that would link referral source contacts to deals they referred

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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
Mar 12, 2021

Hi all! I'm Jeff, from the Framework Data Group.


This sounds like a great idea, thanks for proposing it. Our challenge will be figuring out how to scale the infrastructure that displays options inside - portals can have hundreds of thousands of contacts! For the time being, we won't be focused on this challenge, but I've taken note of it for the future.


Please keep the upvotes and comments coming, so we can track more use cases and relative importance.



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