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Linked Referral Sources to Deals - Just like Contacts

For any business generating sales from referrals, it is important to track who your referral sources are, by linking them to deals that they referred.


Currently, there is no way to effectively link "referral sources" to deals.


The current method is either:

1. Manually enter the referral sources name in a text field (does not link to their contact profile)

2. Enter the referall sources as a contact on the deal (onfusing because they are not working at the company, they just referred them to us)


It would be great to have a seperate section like "referrals" or "sources" uniquely different from "contacts" that would link referral source contacts to deals they referred

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March 12, 2021 01:50 PM

Hi all! I'm Jeff, from the Framework Data Group.


This sounds like a great idea, thanks for proposing it. Our challenge will be figuring out how to scale the infrastructure that displays options inside - portals can have hundreds of thousands of contacts! For the time being, we won't be focused on this challenge, but I've taken note of it for the future.


Please keep the upvotes and comments coming, so we can track more use cases and relative importance.



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I FOUND IT--- ANOTHER hubspot Paywall for Deal Attribution- 

See what's creating deals

Measure the impact of your marketing activities. Attribute created deals to sources, assets, interactions, and more. CONTACT SALES


We often rely on referrals from current clients to bring in new leads/clients. Having an automated way to track referral relationships between Contacts in HubSpot would be very helpful! I am surprised this doesn't already exist and people have to build their own work-arounds. Please HubSpot, consider developing this tool!


Agreed that this would be really useful.  Especially as you could tie Rybbon rewards to successful referrals.


This would be extremely helpful. We have an incentive for clients who refer in new business and are having a hard time tracking tihs. 


Is this built yet? I'd love to be able to have a referal property where it looks up the contacts. two way sync on knowing refered and referee 



Seriously?? It's 2023 and this STILLLLLL hasn't been addressed? Since 2017!


WOW, talk about not listening to your audience.🙉

Why promote referral programs on your blog ("how to build a customer referral program") if you can't track it?


I'd looking to reward clients who refer new prospects. How do I link new contact(s) to an existing client EACH time they refer a new prospect?

I want to be able to run a report that shows Client A has referred Client 1, Client 2, and Client 3. Client B has referred Client 4, Client, 5, Client 6, Client 7.


Any recommendations?




We need this. If the only way for right now is to add a contact as an association to the deal and add a referrer label to it, how can I make sure future emails sent to that person isnt logged in the deal card



If you have access to custom objects, I've created a Referral Source custom object with properties for tracking their information (like name, email, phone, org, title, etc) with a associations to Contacts and Deals (labelled "referrer") for one-to-many. 


I think this will do what many are trying to do, but let me know if not.