Linked Referral Sources to Deals - Just like Contacts

For any business generating sales from referrals, it is important to track who your referral sources are, by linking them to deals that they referred.


Currently, there is no way to effectively link "referral sources" to deals.


The current method is either:

1. Manually enter the referral sources name in a text field (does not link to their contact profile)

2. Enter the referall sources as a contact on the deal (onfusing because they are not working at the company, they just referred them to us)


It would be great to have a seperate section like "referrals" or "sources" uniquely different from "contacts" that would link referral source contacts to deals they referred

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I agree! — It would be nice if I could make a custom property called "Referred By" and be able to set the selection method to search contacts. The functionality already exists in hubspot for creating a deal, when asked to select "Contact." Right now, the only seletion of a person for a custom property is "Hubspot user." Why not offer "Contacts" within that option list?


It' super simple, and I would like to reward and thank my patrons every time someone they referred purchases from me, particularly when they lead me to repeat business. Also, in the case when a contact is based on a professional partnership (vs a buyer) all we may do is provide referrals to one another, and it is possible they become a buyer in the future (and get heavy gifting to help them do so).


I would also like to indicate when contacts are a couple, or a family. I can not do this by creating a company called "The Smiths" because both of those smiths may have jobs and could be connected to a partnering organization. — It seems compicated, but the imediate fix is fairly simplicated. Custom property!

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Did you guys get an answer to your request above?  How do you manage referrals from partners, etc?  I am new to Hubspot and trying to figure this out.  We have partners (Companies and Contacts).  These partners may refer a lead to us.  We have lead source as partner, then have a free-form text field where we have to manually type the name of the partner.  It would be great to be able to just select the partner from a drop down list (of Companys who have Type=Partner).  Thoughts?

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YES!  i submitted the same request.  It's a gap for Hubspot to fill, rather than force users to create clunky workarounds.

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I too have been racking my brain on how to configure this and have concluded a searchable dropdown field that searches all contacts would be the most elegant way to address this need.  Otherwise the solution is very clunky.