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Link to individual activities in timeline

It would be really helpful to be able to link to specific activities in the timeline of a company or contact. For example, linking to a specific note or logged call. This will allow our team to share call notes with others by sending them a link, rather than asking them to go to the timeline and scrolling down to find it. This is fairly standard functionality in other CRMs and services.


UPDATE (Feb 2023): This appears to now be released. There is a "copy link" item in the Actions menu on most activities, and emails have a "copy link" button at the top of the email

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This seems like such a basic feature and I don't understand how it's still not in place in 2022... Please add this Hubspot devs!


@hubspot can we please escalate this function?  Is there an explanation that can be provided as to why this isn't a standard function?  All major HubSpot competitors have this function in their entry, standard offering.


At this point my company is incorporating another platform to be able to have this functionality to easily track and link to important activity throughout the life of the partnership with clients. That basically defeats the purpose of a CRM if you can't easily find the information you need for a particular customer. @hubspot please add this functionality on the User end


+1 This feature has so many great use cases. Personally, this would save me untold frustration and about 30 minutes per day of clicking and scrolling and filtering and unfiltering and searching the activity timeline. 


Please fix this asap!


Adding my two cents here, often I need others in my company to see or have easy reference to a specific note on a contact. Need ability to send them link to that specific note. Thanks!


+1 this is a really basic need Hubspot.  Coming up on 4 years since this request was made...make it happen!


Tracking all of these activities is almost useless if I can't point someone else to an important email/call to get caught up quickly.
+1 to making this happen


I'm now seeing a "Copy Link" option in the Actions dropdown that does what everyone seems to want here 🙂 . I feel like this was just recently added!


The ability to copy the link is indeed listed under the action drop down of the individual activity.  However, someone still has to go to the contact record, find the specific activity, open the activity and then copy the link.  Would be much easier if it was similar to a Company, Contact or Deal link in which users can create activity reporting (with a direct link to a specific activity).  This way we can filter by specific meeting types and then directly go to specific activities.

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Hi all, thank you for contributing to this thread!

I've updated this Idea to "Delivered" - thank you for the update in your original post @charliepinker too, really appreciate it!


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