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It would be really helpful to be able to link to specific activities in the timeline of a company or contact. For example, linking to a specific note or logged call. This will allow our team to share call notes with others by sending them a link, rather than asking them to go to the timeline and scrolling down to find it. This is fairly standard functionality in other CRMs and services.

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That's the function we really need!

Futhermore, when a deal has super long history and someone has to catch up one's deal, he doesn't have to scroll up TL from bottom line.

It would be perfect if I see the deal  then there is a pinned comment which tells overview and outline of it and inserted anchor link to specific activities to cover up more detail of call log etc in case I need more info.


I'd love to be able to send my coworkers direct links to emails that come in from customers within a ticket.


Any updates on this? 

These links exist. If you do a search from the topbar and choose an email that you recently sent, you will get a link kind of like:

Where the "engagement" is the specific entry on the timeline. 


But how do I get this link for myself??


I spotted that recently too, but as you say, there's no apparent way to obtain these links yourself, which is annoying. Given they already exists, this seems like fairly straightforward feature to add.


HubSpot, any updates on this?  As @charliepinker mentions, this is a standard function of every other CRM provider.  Sharing a specific call, note, etc with other team members by sending them a link is super helpful!!


Hi HubSpot - very good idea here, have used this in other CRM's I have worked with - we need the ability to share a link internally that takes a person straight to the email, call, note you are linking too.

Please update us on this. 


Hubspot, any updates on this?  Very simple upgrade that should be standard at this point.  We literally have to cut and paste the content of a call, note, etc to share with someone on our team.  Most CRM's have a single button option to either copy the link to the note/call or you can even just add the email right there and have it sent directly from note/call.  Please provide an update on the status.  Thanks!


My job function is in Sales Ops and we just rolled out Meeting/Call Types on activities for the sales team to use.  The idea was to then create reporting to capture which activities were recently created WITHOUT a meeting/call type logged.  The primary reason activities will not have a meeting/call type logged is due to the activity being crated in Outlook/Office 365 (which is synced into HubSpot).  We can create the reporting to identify these activities exist, but CANNOT populate direct links to the activities, only links to the contact or company associated to the activitiy.


So to find the specific meeting/call type and add a meeting/call type, an individual user would need to click on the contact and then scroll through the activity feed of the contact to find the activity that does not have a meeting/call type logged.  If this is the expected behavior, it defeats the purpose of using the meeting/call type as the steps to maintain the data are cumbersome for the activity owner and way more complicated than it needs to be.


Seems like this could be immediately effective if we simply had a direct link to the activity, similar to other moduals/data sets.


Same here! We need to have a deeplink on engagements/activities (e-mails, calls, notes etc.). This is absolute necessary to work/connect with HubSpot within other tools, like Microsoft Teams etc.


The deeplink is alreay available via "Dashboard -> Team aktivities -> URL"...


Just a funktion in "Timeline -> Activity -> Options -> Get Link/Generate Link" under "Contact/Deal/..."  would be really helpful! 🙂


I would like to +1 to this. I now have to keep notes in dropbox paper, separate from Hubspot, because I am not able to link notes to teammates. If I send them the link to the company profile, they'd need to spend time scrolling through trying to find the appropriate notes.