Link multiple accounts to Ads add-on

HubSpot users with several Facebook and Adwords accounts would like to be able to link all of their accounts to ads, instead of only being able to track one.

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Our company is split into multiple divisions and we run multiple AdWords accounts and NEED to track everything through HubSpot and the Ads-Add on feature. 


Can't wait for this!



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This is a feature that would be invaluable to our efforts as an Agency Partner. Contributing my vote!

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This is going to be an amazing feature that will help agencies be more efficient and provide better service to our clients. I am all for it!

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I vote for this feature! We have a multi-site Enterprise client as an agency partner that needs to push multiple channels of paid media into their Hubspot instance. Please roll this out ASAP!

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Would love to be able to simply link my MCC and have all of my accounts (currently 53) show up inside HubSpot.

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we have 5 country specific accounts but we're able to connect only one of them which is a really big limitation. 

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I want to be able to link multiple accounts, as well.  Specifically for getting forms filled out on Facebook that feed into Hubspot as leads.  I'm losing money because I can't do this for more than one location...

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Much needed for our team to manage multiple accounts in multiple regions.

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This feature is important for nonprofits.


Google offers a great program for nonprofits called Google Grants. Nonprofits can get a grant for free advertising through AdWords. However, Google requires you to have separate accounts for your paid and free ads.


So, since HubSpot currently only allows a single AdWords account, we only can track one of our accounts. It would be helpful to have multiple accounts in the HubSpot ads add-on.