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Link multiple accounts to Ads add-on

HubSpot users with several Facebook and Adwords accounts would like to be able to link all of their accounts to ads, instead of only being able to track one.

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Here my vote for the feature! We would like to connect multiple ADS account to HubSpot as well. We are a multi-region company with several FB accounts.  




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As per the other comments on this thread, being able to connect multiple ad accounts is very important for us.

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Hi there, 


I am thinking to create a Grandfather Facebook account and make it admin of all the pages we have and then I connect it to HubSpot -


This should let me manage all the campaigns we have witinin all the pages. 


My use case: we are multy-country company, it is not a problem for us to linking all the pages to one FB account!

I know that this scenario is not applycable to all the use-cases, anyway, I wanted to share it here and get new perspecatives.




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This enhancement would be invaluable to managing multiple partners.  Other solutions provide this capability which allows the reporting we need but overall we like the HubSpot platform and would like to remain consistent in that regard.


Please add this capability as it would greatly reduce our operational burden from a reporting standpoint.

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really needed!!! especailly for global companies.

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This would be really helpful especially for businesses that have different Facebook Ads Manager or Google Adwords account based on divisions or locations or any other factors. For example, in my case we do have different Facebook & Google Ad accounts as per different locations but one single CRM which we want to connect everything with. 

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We really need this. Our company has about 5 brands and therefore 5 different facebook pages. Unfortunately we are limited by Hubspot and can only use our hubspot account with a single page to deploy ads.

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It's important for Ad accounts to be scoped to a user account so that each user can run ads through their own Ad account instead of there needing to be one central Ad account. All social profiles for publishing should also be scoped to the user. Many of our clients work for large companies, each regional office has their own social profiles for their local area and is responsible for their own social and advertising.

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We would look for enabling of multiple social media marketing & Adwords (+ Bing) accounts to the Hubspot to manage our multiple services & -productsmarketing accounts linking with the Hubspot.  Importance for this is growing by day.

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We have multiple AdWords accounts for our various enterprise business units, all related to our single enterprise domain, so this is vital to our attribution tracking.