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It would be great if we could link a HubSpot lead flow form to a webinar (of Gotowebinar), as we can do already with the regular HubSpot forms.

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This would really make Lead FLows a more useful tool. Also need to be able in a opt-in consent field for GDPR reasons.

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I second this. It is pretty shocking that it isn't currently an option.

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I agree. This would be a great addition to the native GTW native integration. We are having success using lead flows to have contacts sign up for webinars but then we have to manually add them to GoToWebinar. It would be great if the integration was as easy as it is with regular Hubspot forms. 

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Any updates from HubSpot on this? Even being able to automate through a workflow would be helpful, alas that isn't possible either...

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Agreed. "Even being able to automate through a workflow would be helpful". Strongly hoping to have this function

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Good news! It is now possible in the "options" tab of the lead flow editor


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