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Link enablement for dashboard images

Hey guys!


We are currently using Dashboards as a way to visually showcase our external content to our Sales and BD team.  This is a great way to visually audit our content and make sure everything is displaying correctly, but also a great way to highlight which content could be used for each section of our sales pipeline.


What we would really love is the ability to embed a link, or redirect the viewer to where the content is available.  


For example, a blog post would be really great for prospecting.  We want to post that blog post on the Prospecting dashboard.  However, it's inaccessible as a tool for prospecting.  If we could make the title a link, or even have a note that links to the blog, then our team can get inspired and use the blog post in their next sequencing blast.

Same with 1 pager.  They are hosted in Hubspot and if we could create a visual display of our (for example) prospecting content and enable the sales team to quickly access its location, that would really help our team utilize the best assets for their conversations.