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Link chat availability status to being logged in/out of HubSpot

I would like to have an automated feature whereby sales professionals do not need to adjust their status from available to away and vice versa when they log out of Hubspot or close the window.


I believe this should be automated as currently, the live chat still shows as available even though the sales professional has logged out. 

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Yea encountering this problem it would be useful. Otherwise you have the chat connect to noone and no back up. 


This would be amazing for our team - we were hoping for a similar functionality to Slack, where if you shut down or log out you're automatically switched to offline, and switched back to online when you come back (but of course keep the toggle so you can manually set status when needed)


This enhancement would make the life of many sales and support teams exponentially easier. In our instance, we have our chatbots transferring contacts to live agents during business hours, but it would be great if a user's status toggled to 'away' automatically if their computer went to sleep, or they logged out of HS, or innocently forgot to change their status before leaving for the day/weekend. Thanks!




Sounds like a simple fix on the backend: user logged out of HS? Mark them as Away in chat. Simple automation, no?