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Link blog's related article module to SEO topic clusters

Hey team, currently the blog_recent_posts functionality only applies to tags and authors. The alternative, topic_cluster_by_content_id, can only pull the pillar page and not other associated pages of the pillar page.

As such, it doesn't seem possible for customers to use a custom module that will show all associated pages within the topic cluster within the "Related articles" blog module.

Would love to see that as it can really help strengthen customer's SEO performance. Thank you!

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This is an obvious capability. Currently the content cluster portion of the SEO tool only tells the user if their content has a live link and the performance of the content in the cluster. 


We want to create a custom module for blog article pages that shows "related articles"  pulling this data from the content cluster tool. By doing this the blog would have automatic linking between articles as well as the link to the core article/eBook in the cluster. This enhancement would increase SEO because of the cross linking. The workaround is to do this manually which is a waste of time and would easily get out of synch. 


Please provide programmatic access to the pillar page and all asociated articles linked to pillar pages so we can enhance search performance for Hubspot customers. 


- Dave

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Excellent idea to connect the blog related articles feature with the topic cluster functionality to expand the options available within the module.