Link SMS to Activities

I would be great if SMS, (specifically Sakari) were connected with activities. As is stands now, when you text a contact, it logs the messages but not as an activity, meaning the last contacted date doesn't change and it doesn't show up in activity reports.

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We definitely needs too! 

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This would be cool!


Hopefully, it becomes a thing....

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Thanks, everyone, let's make this happen!

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With Salesmsg, we push the incoming/outgoing texts as activities on the contact record. 



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We use Salesmsg and the integration has been great.

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Does anyone have a trick for adding a Salesmsg activity to a ticket? My perfect scenario is for Salesmsg to integrate into the conversation's inbox so we can turn these into tickets (and/or integrate into the tickets themselves), but barring that functionality, we can't figure out how to get the activity in the timeline into the ticket without copy and pasting a note.

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Chris here from Salesmsg. We are working on a new integration into HubSpot's Tickets and should have something hopefully within the next few months. For now, you may consider Zapier to push that information to an existing ticket if that's available.