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We have many scripts and calls that can have a number of outcomes. I would like to be able to click on the appropriate scenario during the call to take me to the next playbook that follows my script. Otherwise I feel like the playbook is lengthy. 

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I would like to add almost if/then branching for different routes the conversation/task can go. 


I have also recently learned that if I am in a company record and my playbook has a ticket or deal property in the playbook, I cannot update that property until I am actually in the object the property is in. I would love the option to choose the deal/ticket/company/contact that I want to update as I am completing the playbook to avoid having to go to multiple places to complete it. 


We would also love this. It would be great to have a "choose you own adventure" setup. With if/then branches and jumps to other playbooks. This would be tremendously powerful for standardizing practices as well as ripe for automation opportunities. 



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Branching would be better but this is better than nothing.