Link Attachments/Files Automatically

Many CRM platforms, Insightly for instance, links attachments/files sent in an email to a contact/company automatically in their record/profile.


Would  love HubSpot to do this.

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Doc-Bernco Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer
Occasional Contributor | Gold Partner | Certified Trainer

Yes. Ran into this the other day myself. Would be great. 

You can, however, send an email with an attachment from within the HubSpot CRM.

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 @mbenghiat  @Doc-Bernco Yes. I couldn't agree more.


This idea has been suggested and has more upvotes at . If you could vote it up there, maybe Hubspot will do it.



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Having to remember to save an attachment from an Outlook email is frankly a bit of a pain. If Hubspot could make this automatic, that would be fantastic.