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Line Item Detail in Create Deal Form

When you create a Deal from inside a Contact or Company you can choose which properties to include on that form. Line Items is also there which is great, but you can not choose which fields to include on the quick create form. It is very frustrating for the user to have to choose the line item and click save, then have to go back into it on the Deal record and find the Line Item to add QTY, Price etc. Can we please add this functionality??

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Hi @SComeau ,

Agree, you have to go to the deal record to add further details. I will advise you to put this in the idea section of the community where the HubSpot product team reviews these ideas and work on them.

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Agreed, this is much needed. A lot of deals are negotiated at slightly different prices depending on volume, and it should be a field available when creating the deal.


Agreed, much needed - line item should be available on deal creation


Yes, we are also waiting, without it the line item module is useless...


Agree. Would be usefull in a first step also to have the hover-tooltip of a line item with some more details (like a folder name) to choose the correct product if you got more than one for different customers with different prices for e.g. but with the same name